Strengthen Labs Partners with Arkansas Fitness & Athletics

Throughout year 1 of Strengthen, we spent a lot of time working with Arkansas Fitness & Athletics (‘AFA’) owner Jim Eckhart. AFA was one of the first gyms the Strengthen team pitched and Jim was excited to help us bring our ideas to fruition. AFA is not only providing Strengthen valuable feedback as a customer, but we are also incorporating their community and human performance culture as our own. We believe what makes Strengthen & AFA unique is our focus on treating people well and practicing what we preach by living life optimally. By balancing technical prowess with a high performance culture, we believe we are on the path to keep building our amazing team and powerful products.

Here’s our rap sheet of what we’ve done so far:

What’s Next…

We believe that sustainable innovation requires gratitude for what we have, the discipline to focus, living optimally, grit to persevere, and the courage to push the boundaries beyond what is currently viable, feasible, and desirable. Partnering with Arkansas Fitness & Athletics has enabled us to develop these cultural characteristics.

Moving forward, we hope to continue to grow with the Arkansas Fitness & Athletics community. Moreover, we are determined to make an impact on peoples lives in the community that enable us to thrive!

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