How to plan without stress and with head full of peace?

Karol Piwowarczyk
May 4, 2019 · 5 min read

I’ve been throught a lot to be right in this place. However, its was an exciting and instructive journey. My ability to analyze complex information and transform it into clear plan allowed me to prepare Stress-free Planner.

During each challenge, I noticed that a profound understanding of the our thoughts, everyday activities and habits was the key to success.

I decided to show you and at the same time prove myself again that what’s difficult at first glance can be divided into a specific number of of information and then tasks. Here you will find the final version of my simplification of the planning process — in the form of Stress-free Planner.

Your planning & data excess

Our everyday life is filled with a vast amount of data and information that we try to understand, interpret and divide into tasks. Unrelated, ever-growing amounts of daily duties — reach us in an unorganized, and uncontrolled way. We are also continually looking for new challenges and at the same time, we are bombarded by newer planning applications.

We forgot about simple methods had accompanied us from the child. Raw data itself is worth very little. Our planning system is often based on memorizing ‘everything’ — not only what is important. So why do people still make bad decisions in the times of a huge number of ways to plan tasks?

We are lost in a world full of stress

Overwhelmed by the massive amount of daily tasks, we forget that a simple plan is a peaceful head. A lack of proper understanding of priorities means a wrong process of reasoning and planing. This often means bad decisions. Because of this, Stress-free Planner was created.

Our look at daily challenge is often very shallow and lacking a more comprehensive view. Our view is based only on the minimum volume of understandable information. The planning process without data transformation into information, information into knowledge is ineffective.

Why is it like that?

People in the past drew pictures and graphics to communicate and plan tasks for thousands of years. From pictograms on the walls of caves, through Egyptian hieroglyphs to the latest ideograms. People love to use images for planning and storytelling, because it activates our brain for learning and later interpretation more effectively. We forget about the benefits of this solution and a deep relationship between ta simple plan and its implementation.

Very often the reason is a large gap between between the plan and working with it. We have to remember that most of us prefer plan and learn a clear story (related events and features) and operate on a “big picture.”

“Information is validated by our understanding. We are like our reasoning.”

What can we do?

The biggest challenge for us is to filter data, focus only on the essential information and plan them in a transparent way. Using the Stress-free Planner may be similar to putting your glasses on, where everything suddenly becomes visible. Stress-free Planner is also a method of organizing knowledge about the world around us.

However, you must remember that the purpose to optimize the planning process is not to present tasks, information or knowledge elegantly. The primary goal of effective and simple planning is to increase the level of our understanding. Stress-free Planner method can also affect our natural exploration ability. This happens when a clear, understandable stage generates further questions about the following steps, increasing our willingness to continue planning process.

Why Stress-free Planner?

Plan prepared in the right way improve our skills: communication, cognitive or analytical. Thanks to that, we can draw accurate conclusions and make good decisions. Plan can also be treated as tools for converting complex processes and issues into images that are easier to understand and interpret. Stress-free Planner method simplifies and reduces the amount of data to a smaller number of categories that we have to take into account when solving a given problem.

Operating on “big picture” seems to be more straightforward and more encouraging to improving the planning process. It’s so-called — ‘stimulating creativity’ based on simple methods. Do not forget that simple plan can be used to detect misinformation in a complicated planning process.

Get Stress-free Planner

You can read more and get Stress-free Planner from

We all know how hard it is to keep full attention and eliminate stress in the times of information overload and many stimuli from all sides. We analyzed the way our brain works and created a system that allows us to focus only on priorities. Paper planner instead of many applications that distract us, can change your way of daily work and reduce stress. Sounds simple but it works. In our opinion, it is worth to give a try.

Start and end the day with peace of mind.

You probably know the feeling when your morning resembles a slowly unleashed storm of inaccurate information. We had the same, but we found ways to organize our thoughts, create specific tasks, creative work and peaceful end of the day.

Each week gives you a chance for yourself.

Every day makes sense if you know where you are going. Our weekly Stress-free planner is a great opportunity to verify your small and big goals. Remember that a good plan gives you a better start each day. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect plan?

You can also follow me on Gumroad, Twitter and Facebook to get notified about future releases of Stress-free Planner and other upcoming resources.

Stress-free Planner

Completely stress-free, 100% focused paper planner.

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