This would be the perfect workshop tool

I often find myself running workshops that tile whole rooms with canvases and sticky notes. After the workshop the ideation continues ideally online. To enable that, someone (=typically me) has to take photos of all the boards, canvases and post-its and painstakingly write them down and share the documents with the group using Basecamp, Trello, or in worst cases, email.

A follow-up workshop is usually planned for more ideation. And again someone (=me) has to do the manual work. If we plan on using the same methods, I have to find the old wrinkled sticky notes and make new notes of the ideas generated online.

There is a huge void between offline and online workspaces and loads of manual work is required to bridge the gap.

So this is the machine someone should build for us workshop junkies:

The Perfect Workshop Tool:

This is how it works:

1. Offline:

2. Online:

  • Notes will be exported automatically from the 3M’s app to, for example, Blank Canvas.
  • You can continue collaborating seamlessly with the same notes online.
  • Print the digital notes back to physical form using printable sticky note papers. (idea shown in this video)


  • Workshop again

Who will create this machine for us?

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