Eyes up

(Your Light returns)

you waited. And now that ship has come in.

Stand up.

Your light is here. The Aurora of of the Faithful One, your deepest Parent has come over the mountain to shine in your valley.

You must now stand up.

For shadow and murk have encompassed the whole world (even while the dawn is bathing you). You must rise up, to let them behold the light on your faces.

You were once dispersed and cut off. But now the peoples of commerce on the globe will come to you; they will travel the seas. They will carry their goods and come to behold the brightness of your dawn.

Your eyes were down, contemplating your sad and temporary position. But now the light is shining.

So look up.

See the nations, as they come to gather around your light.

You missed your family. Now look up.

Your sons and daughters are coming back to you. When they are carried and brought to you, then you will see again, with your eyes wide open. Then when people look at you, you will radiate the light of God.

Your heart has been sick, but now it will rejoice. Now it will be exhilarated.

The fullness of the sea will flow in to you. The trading of the world shall come to you. Commerce will fill your streets. There will be life again.

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