shouting your face off

(when the earth can bear it no longer)

“God of all, Creator! I don’t understand what you are doing?

How is it that you are standing so far away from us, your hungry birds?

Times of trouble have arrived, see how we are mired in them. Why now, in these difficult waters do you hide Yourself?

See what we see, Oh Starbreather! See how the one’s who care not at all for your ways. Watch how they hunt down the ones who are needy. Discover how they use their strength against the ones who seem the most easy to crush.

The evil man brags of what he can get away with while You are not watching. He is proud of every strange desire that arises in his mind. Shame has become a feeling he rejects

In everything he does, he has no regard for the Judge of the Universe.

And yet, our mouths drop open as you appear to let him live, and not just live, but to even prosper at what he chases.

Do you not care what he gets away with, oh King. He sneers at you like he sneers at all of his enemies. There is no fear in him. And you have made men to revere what they do not know.

Listen, Lord, as he says that no one will stop him, nothing will shake him. Does his unstoppable arrogance not offend you?

His mouth stinks with the breath of lies, yet people flock to him like he were perfumed of tongue.

His every other word is a threat, and still he is famous.

Evil crouches under his tongue and puppets it to boldest claims.

See him around the villages, crouching in shadows, seeking whom he can murder and dash in order to plunder. Do you not care?

He is a lion in wait. Where are you and your justices oh Lion of Judah?

He catches the ones who have no friends and puts them in his nets to tear them apart in secret places.

the needy before him fall in place, are crushed, they lose the little strength they had.

And yet how he trumpets that the God of heaven can not see him, can do nothing about his wild ways.

ARISE NOW, Lord, do something on our behalf. Stop the earth from trembling from this crazyness.

Lift up your hand of power, that hand which melted mountains and planets.

Do not allow the plight of the weak ones to leave your attention and your protect.

How is it that the wicked have come to revile you, you the only Champion, the only holder of death and life? Where do they get this brawn and pride to stand?

How can this wickedness proclaim that you will not hold it to account?

But you, great God; we know you will see the needy. We know you will rise to their side again.

You care about the grief the weak suffer. Come again and prove it!

For you are the helper of those who have no father near to them. They will commit their case to you, and you will judge it.

Break the bone of this wicked one. Make him weep like a baby. Tear him down.

Call the fist-shaker of evil to answer for his actions.

Show to the world what he has done, those things he thought and bragged were invisible.

The Lord is the King unending. No one takes his place. This is not a democracy.

The nations will stop breathing beneath His hand. The wicked will be shaken from His land after all.

We know your heart, oh King, you do hear the tender desperate whispers of the weak. You encourage them with your thoughtful and responsive ear.

You do defend the fatherless. You do lift up the crushed.

Come make it so that the wicked will terrorize the earth no longer!

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