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stretch vp

The Zoom Facade.

You never know how someone is really feeling in the moment.

How many times have you received disappointing / terrible / bad personal or professional news seconds before hopping on a customer call or team meeting — only to put on a brave face and reply with a “Great thanks — how are you?”

We go from one meeting to the next — sweeping those disappointments, rejections, personal struggles under the rug so we can do our job.

There’s a facade we as sellers tend to hide behind as always needing to be positive, optimistic, unwavering and strong.

This is not bad or wrong. The stories of resilience and perseverance amidst trial are some of my favorite motivators.

But just acknowledging this facade has helped me and I hope we can all give people more credit, patience, and respect.

Because you never know — what’s behind the Zoom Facade.

So, shout out to everyone dealing with STUFF this season and this year, while continuing to bring it day in and day out. You’re the real #stretchvp.

Happy Holidays all!



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