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Why Buyers Buy

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Buyers are liars…

A former sales manager of mine used to tell me this. She quoted it all the time.

I’ve thought about this consistently over the last 20+ years in my career in sales.

I came to this conclusion: She’s not wrong.

But she’s not entirely correct either.

It’s not like buyers are consistently out to get us in sales. They’re not TRYING to deceive or misdirect.

In fact, I think most of the time buyers have the best intentions and are speaking in partial truths to let us down easy.

It’s uncomfortable to tell someone you went with a competing vendor, or just don’t have the preconceived budget.

That’s why truly understanding why buyers buy is so important.

In this week’s edition of Stretch Weekly:

🖐 5 Strategic Steps to Shorten the Sales Cycle with Dan Martell

🗣 Rob Jeppsen and Spencer Dent of Clozd talking about Win/Loss Analysis and learning why customers buy.

🛍 Devin Reed, Sheena Badani talk with David Priemer on how we can close more deals by selling the way we buy.

➕ Plus a grab bag of snippets to help us fine-tune our sales process to understand why buyers buy.

THANKS for reading!!


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