Get your Twitch Con

A while back we announced that we’re making our way to San Diego for TwitchCon! We’re super excited to finally be able to show you what we’ve been working on so tirelessly for the last few months and believe you me, you should be just as excited as we are!

Thank God I’m not the bald one.

For those of you attending you’ll be able to find us shacked up in the Education Zone (pod 11B) and experience first-hand the Editor. It’s come a long way since August — we’ve updated the UI (again), we’ve added a number of cool new features and for the first time, we’re finally happy with it — well almost anyway!

For those of you that can’t make it we’ll be featured on the TwitchCon Education Channel on Friday 30th at 16:15 PST. Make sure you book it into your calendar as we’ve got some special guests coming up on stage and we’ll be “officially” unveiling the goods! We’ll probably also manage to find a hoarde of bugs, but that’s all part of the fun :Kappa:

Stay locked on Twitter or if you’re there in person, pass by the booth — we’ve plenty of swag to give away and high fives to hand out!

All our love,
Jon and Gareth x