How To Find The Perfect Color?

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We see different colors thanks to the ability to distinguish the frequencies of light waves in the retina.

Everyone knows that colors have an impact on human psychology and decisions. Colors are one of the things that affect people’s decision to make a purchase. It’s not just about selling, it’s about addressing some instincts or wishes people have. Anyone who knows the strength of colors and wants to choose matching colors wants to find the right color. Finding a color has always been laborious, even for designers.

The color you choose is directly related to your audience. If you primarily target IT guys, you should use blue weighted tones (e.g. Stability and confidence is hidden in the blue color. It is associated with peace of mind.
Red is traditionally associated with Love, Energy and Density.
Yellow things are used to transfer intelligence, attention and joy.
Green; It is associated with Freshness, Security and Growth.
Purple; Concession, Wealth, is used for femininity.

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are too many tools to choose colors and color palette. We have listed 5 tools in this article.

1. (

I love this tool. It was like a birthday present for me because they announced it in 21 of September 🥳 . My favorite part is you can add as much step as you want.

2. (

With this tool you can easily create a color palette. I highly recommend you to try Toggle Alternative Shades in the secondary menu.

3. Adobe Color (

Adobe Color Home Page

Adobe offers us a great tool to choose colors that suit the color harmony. Color harmony becomes very important when more than one color is required. We will discuss this topic in another article.

4. ( Home Page

Colorsupplyyy is for you if you consider the color theory. It’s so inspiring to see how the colors in the palette you choose look on objects. Thanks Colorsupplyyy 🙏

5. (

If you need a color palette, the first thing you should look at is FlatUiColors.

In conclusion

I hope these tools work for you and make your process of choosing a color easier.


CoolBackgrounds —

Do you want to create an amazing background? Then, check it out!

Blobmaker —

It helps you to generate unique blobs very easy.

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