Stribling Insiders: Brad Bateman

A Stribling agent for nearly 15 years, Brad just recently moved to our Brooklyn office. But he’s not new to the borough. He’s owned a townhouse in BedStuy for several years and knows all the best spots to grab a slice of pizza and the fastest route to the beach — where he can be found surfing any given morning, anytime of year. We caught up with Brad to chat about how he went from pro-athlete to pro-agent, that time he accidentally swam with sharks, and his excitement about becoming a first-time dad.

When did you first get into residential real estate and why?

I have been an agent at Stribling for over 14 years now. I started my career here and I immediately had the sense that I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I had just finished a year abroad coaching and playing professional lacrosse and I wanted to find a profession that would feed my competitive side, allow me to engage with a wide range of people, and satisfy my desire to be interactive and in motion. Real estate seemed like a natural fit with the excitement of closing big deals, meeting new people, and getting to experience different communities and beautiful homes.

As a kid, my uncle was a small-time real estate developer on Long Island and I remember riding around in his truck together to check on the status of his projects. I was fascinated as we explored these half-finished homes with workers scurrying about. I recall wondering who would eventually live in these fancy houses. Later in life, I followed my older sister around as her real estate career in the Hamptons blossomed, and I loved seeing her passion for the business when we wandered through incredible homes. She was so excited when she landed a big exclusive or helped clients find their dream homes, and seeing her enthusiasm led me to believe that this could be a great career for me.

What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent?

I am passionate about sharing my love for Brooklyn with my clients. This business, like many things that I value, is about connecting with people. When I share my zeal for my neighborhood, I’ve learned that people truly connect to my genuine love for the community. I love listening to people’s life stories and helping them continue to pave their paths as they seek the best neighborhood fit. I really enjoy taking people around to the different areas of Brooklyn and showing them my favorite spots, while also sharing what I’ve learned about buying or selling homes in this unique borough.

Why did you choose Stribling & Associates?

Why aim for anything but the best? Not only is Stribling a top-quality firm with incredible management and support staff, but I’ve also been treated like family from the get-go. I’ve always felt like a member of a caring and collaborative group of brokers here and I’m so thankful to be a part of the Stribling community.

What is your favorite neighborhood?

I love Stuyvesant Heights in Brooklyn. I bought a townhouse in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood a few years ago, and I cannot say enough about my community. The homes are architecturally stunning, the streets are wide and dotted with old growth trees, and I would nominate my neighbors as the friendliest New Yorkers in the state. Stuyvesant Heights has wonderful restaurants, bars, and cafes that serve cuisine ranging from authentic Southern fare to wood-burning Neapolitan pizza. To top it off, we are a 20-minute express train to Manhattan, yet I wake up to birds chirping in my backyard each morning.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m always in motion. I love to surf at Rockaway at sunrise a few times a month (all year round!) I also love going to the gym, for runs, taking yoga classes, hiking, and exploring nature — pretty much anything that allows me to be outdoors and active. I also became a father to a little girl, baby Scarlett, this summer, so that keeps her mother and me in constant motion as well. I love being a dad and I hope to instill my love for the outdoors within her as well.

What is an achievement of which you are most proud?

I would say I am most proud of putting myself through business school while working full-time with Stribling. I found it incredibly rewarding to complete my MBA while simultaneously applying the lessons learned to my real-world work life.

Favorite book?

I am a huge fan of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle series. I find his ability to crystallize the small moments of everyday life into moving and impactful prose beautiful and relateable to everyone.

Favorite movie?

That’s easy: The Big Lebowski!

Favorite travel destination?

Nosara, Costa Rica: Dirt roads that smell like molasses, world class food, perfect curling waves, sweaty yoga, howler monkeys, dense greenery, wide beaches, and blissful peace. I love it!

Favorite meal?

Any meal shared with my fiancée, Lia. Really, it could be anything or anywhere.

If you weren’t a real estate agent, what would you be?

I’d own a surf shack bistro in some remote and beautiful corner of Central America that specializes in juicy burgers, hoppy IPA, and ‘60’s surf flicks.

What else should we know about you?

I made my debut on the NY1 morning news show a few years ago for submitting footage of me and my friends surfing with sharks in Rockaway. I didn’t think to start filming until we had been in the water with them for over an hour. Good thing they were mating and totally ignored us! Needless to say, I didn’t tell my folks I made the news!


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