Stribling Insiders: Kristin Hurd

Kristin Hurd

Before joining Stribling as its Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Kristin was one of the top listing agents in New York City. She began her real estate career in 2003 after a successful career in the dotcom world and has worked at brokerages both big and small. When she’s not working one-on-one with Stribling agents developing their business and marketing plans, or identifying the next “big thing” in tech that will simplify the real estate process, you’ll find Kristin dropping in on a spin class, volunteering her time with the Human Rights Campaign, or whipping up a healthy culinary creation in her kitchen. We caught up with Kristin to discuss why she joined Stribling’s management team, her passion for health and wellness, and her mom’s reaction to her diving headfirst into residential brokerage:

When did you first get into residential real estate and why?

I first decided to go into real estate at the end of 2002 and started in February of 2003. I had been working in the dotcom world, and although I kept a job and the company I worked for did not go bankrupt, there was really nothing happening. I decided to get my license and start selling in Jersey City. I actually came from a big real estate family in Ohio. I remember calling my mother and telling her and she said “are you sure? Ugh” …it cracked me up!

What is your favorite part about being a real estate agent?

The people — it has been and always will be the people. I love that I get to help people during one of the biggest transitions in their lives. It’s not always an easy transition, but it is rewarding to help people navigate selling or buying a home. As a leader, the reason is the same. Watching someone grow into the next level of accomplishment is just as rewarding. I understand that the reason agents want to get to the next level is so they can have a better life. Often a better life not just for themselves,but also for their family and loved ones. Knowing I can be a part of that keeps me focused and happy to go to work everyday.

Why did you choose Stribling & Associates?

The warm culture, and I love that it is a woman-founded and women-owned company. It is inspiring. I love that Stribling is such a respected brand and the people who represent this company always impressed me. They are smart, articulate and driven to succeed. I feel I am working with the best of the best.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood and why?

The West Village. You can feel the history there. I also spent much of my 20’s in that part of town. It is fun, warm and has great memories for me. I also like the food scene.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Cook brunch, spend quality time with the people I love, hang out with my son and wife, meditation — lots of meditation. I also follow politics and I am heavily involved in the Human Rights Campaign.

What is an achievement of which you are most proud?

Raising my son to be a kind, gentle young boy.

Favorite book?

She’s Come Undone

Favorite movie?

So many… but let’s say The Breakfast Club

Favorite travel destination?

Grand Cayman for scuba diving

Favorite meal?


If you weren’t a real estate agent, what would you be?

I would run for Senate or Congress

If there is anything else we should know about you?

Everything I do, I try to do with a splash of fun!