Reading List #4

Another successful but also challenging week is now behind us and we’re ready to share this week’s most intriguing stories with you. In this week’s reading list you’ll find no less than 100 future visionaries, a guide to designing voice interfaces and why unbranding might be the right approach for building strong consumer relationships.

In collaboration with CK ONE, the 2017 Dazed 100 covers the definition of freedom and gives us the opportunity to reflect and get inspired by creative minds who are going to shape the world of tomorrow.

Lyndon Cerejo presents you with guiding principles for designing your own voice app in his article Designing Voice Experiences. Step by step he illustrates the aspects involved and helps you understand the development and capabilities of voice experiences and interfaces.

In the following article Max Ottignon stresses the crucial shift we are facing today in consumer brand expectations, and he discusses how unbranding may help you create or reestablish a powerful connection with your audience.

The last story we want to share this week is Michael Paterniti’s first piece for GQ Style. Brad Pitt Talks Divorce, Quitting Drinking, and Becoming a Better Man. Photographer Ryan McGinley, Brad Pitt & GQ Style all collaborated on a beautifully honest story on how to move forward after things fall apart.

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