Reading List #9

This week at STRICHPUNKT, new company records was announced and we no longer question digitalization to set new standards on corporate design. From a JavaScript handbook to automated Instagram accounts and Slacking at work, here are our recommended reads from the past week.

JS MythBusters is a handy guide on how to use current JavaScript features while maintaining both code readability and performance. It is a great resource on how to code more efficiently, from basic code operations to special features of Chrome’s V8 engine, with special emphasis on JavaScript’s fundamental high level constructs.

Fake activity on Instagram has for long violated the platform’s rules and even though many automated services have closed, it seems to generate a significant proportion of Instagram’s user base nonetheless. Sapna Maheshwari brings light to the problem of automated Instagram accounts in the article How Bots Are Inflating Instagram Egos.

The workplace chat Slack offers an unstructured work environment where you can share, collaborate and send instant messages to your colleagues at work. However, is Slack transforming our office behaviour? In the article What Happens When Work Becomes a Nonstop Chat Room Molly Fischer reflects upon this issue.

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