Adrian Stone
Musings of a Small Time VC
1 min readMar 15, 2017


Angel investors are like Uranium.

Having one (better yet, some) on board can help your startup go #BOOM

… or 💣

Ignore half of the advice even your best investor gives you

This is because an investor’s experience, like Uranium - whilst potentially incredibly powerful - has a half-life:

It depletes as soon as they step away from their own business, or make their last investment …

… yet, your own experience grows every single day.

Your learnings (what you see in the market, what you learn about your customers, what you feel from the competition) are fresh … dynamic.

Your investors’ experience - my experience - is stale by comparison … and, is getting a little staler with every passing day.

Let me propose a solution:

From now on, every potential angel investor should wear a badge at startup events showing the amount and date of their most recent startup investment.

If it’s:

  • less than $50k, or
  • more than 6 months

… smile, say “great to meet!” and slowly back away

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Adrian Stone
Musings of a Small Time VC

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