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Meet our Creative team!

Radio speaker and author, Earl Nightingale, once said “Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” We promise, we’re not trying to be pretentious, it’s just that enthusiasm is one of the many amazing qualities our Creative team has. In addition to that, let’s not forget to mention artistic talent, the innate ability to express themselves passionately and, most importantly, they know how to have fun! Brainstorming sessions result in rabbit holes of ideas that inspire the collaborative spirit we are known for at S&K.

Some may have thought that being creative within a fintech company in the life insurance universe would have been difficult. Hell, maybe even impossible. But our UX, UI, copywriting, and production teams continue to set the bar higher and higher, as their imaginative intuitions and fearless creative feats are key drivers that make our marketing fresh and exciting. As social media and tech connoisseurs, they stay on top of the latest trends and topics on TikTok, Twitter, and beyond.

Click on the links below to get to know the Creative team and read about what drives them, motivates them, and excites them about the future of insurtech and the future of String and Key.

Interested in working at String and Key? Join us!

Meet Micah Heiselt, Head of Creative

Our creative gatekeeper, Micah makes sure everything we produce aligns with our product’s greater vision. From mentoring the creative team to pushing design boundaries, he brings his multiple talents to the variety of projects that we work on. So get to know this valued member of our senior leadership team and see what inspires him.

Meet Esther Lee, Director of UX

A rare mix of analytical thinker and creative, Esther knows a thing or two about balancing aesthetics and usability. A UX designer with roots in industrial design, she creates experiences that make the online world a better place.

Meet John Leidl, Experience Designer

Our UX Designer, John, is all about growth. A later-in-life career changer, he started his professional journey as a tech recruiter but never thought he’d be where he is today (to quote one of his favorite artists, Drake, he went from “0 to 100 real quick”).

Meet Jasmin, Senior Copywriter

Jasmin’s copywriting career has seen her working both in-house and agency side for a variety of clients, including Samsung, Toyota, Lexus, and more. From advertising campaigns to digital content to experiential marketing, and more, she’s well versed in adopting a voice that is relevant and relatable for any situation and any audience — a skill that’s, unsurprisingly, come in handy in her personal life also.

Meet Soong Shin, Director of Design

From working on motion graphics, 3D animation, graphic design, and more, to showing his fine-art digital photography at both big and small exhibitions and publications in Seoul, New York, and New Jersey, Soong’s early career saw him eyeing both the design and photography fields. However, after quickly realizing the high cost of living in NYC, he temporarily hit the brakes on his artistic endeavors and went full throttle on pursuing a design career.

Meet Megan Lighty, Experience Designer

How many of us can say we were career scouted while working at a farmer’s market? Not a lot of us. But, you know who was? Our very own UX designer, Megan! What started as a typical day doing usual farmer’s market things turned into the beginning of a fruitful career with us here at String and Key.

Meet Erica Buki, Graphic Designer

As a native New Yorker by way of Long Island, our talented designer spent many summers as a kid at sleep away camp dreaming of becoming an artist. After graduating from Binghamton University with a B.A. in graphic design, she got her feet wet in basic code working in front-end development.

Meet Maddy Cuello, Copywriter

As an inquisitive child Madelyn, better known as Maddy, spent her youth in Astoria, Queens perusing library books, which started her love of writing and words from an early age. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied marketing, but the writing bug never left her.

Meet Richan Li, Animator

Yangyuchen, aka Richan, originally hails from Kunming, China, where she always had dreams of being an artist. At only 15, she made her way to Arlington, Massachusetts as a student, where she lived with a family she calls lovely. After this, she moved west to the Windy City, where she lived for five years, and earned her BFA at the Art Institute in Chicago.



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