Meet our Strategy & Marketing Team!

Jasmin H
Jasmin H
Nov 24, 2020 · 4 min read

An impressive crew of strategic planners, digital marketers, data analysts, and overall get-sh*t-done-ers, our Strategy & Marketing Team is at the foundation of everything we do here at String and Key. As a startup, we value innovation and problem solving above all else, so if our strategy is not in shape, the whole ship goes down. Any company that’s worth their salt knows that. That’s why one of our greatest strengths is having a talented team that is branched out into different areas of expertise and is focused on just this.

As a FinTech company operating in the ever-evolving tech space, the team does an excellent job of keeping us ahead of the curve. To succeed, they know that we must understand the industry — and our product — inside and out. That means knowing all of the existing problems in the scene and bringing forward ideas and execution strategies that will solve these issues (talk about getting yourself a team who can do it all).

But that’s not all! They also work on product marketing and reporting, data analysis, manipulating said data to find patterns in customer behavior, product improvement, testing, and more. Yep, this team of just four does all of this (and before you ask, no, they’re not available for hire).

Outside of constantly innovating, being agile, adaptable, and ready to shift as needed to reach our end goal, the team is all about collaboration. In their words: “Without our creative and development teams, our concepts would merely be just that, concepts. It’s beyond rewarding to hand off our approach and watch as the rest of the company uses their robust skillsets to bring it to life.”

So please get to know more about the superstars that make up Strategy & Marketing. And if you like what you read and think you’d love working with them, apply now — because we’re hiring!

Meet Edwin Endlich, Head of Strategy and Marketing
With aspirations of becoming a TV writer, Edwin started his career in the Big Apple working for David Letterman and Comedy Central, bringing forward cultural trends to writers’ rooms — which became what could possibly be described as the greatest intro to marketing. But looking for a more stable environment, Edwin eventually ended up moving agency-side as a creative, tasked with writing viral videos and breakthrough ad campaigns for clients like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Tide, Friskies, and Coca-Cola. That’s where he met our CEO Alex, and the rest is history.

Meet Hetal Karani, Senior Strategy & Product Analyst
Hetal is full of fun facts: she stands at exactly five feet tall but has represented the United Arab Emirates in several basketball tournaments internationally. She’s also always been fascinated by space travel and is an avid traveler here on planet Earth, but she’s intensely afraid of flying and heights. A conglomerate of contradictions, Hetal clearly believes that within every obstacle, there’s an opportunity. An inspiring mindset to have, she brings this excellent perspective to her work here at String and Key.

Meet Oriana Schneps, Senior Strategy & Product Analyst
Growing up, Oriana always wanted to work with marine animals. Luckily for us, she didn’t pursue that particular passion (although she did get close with some slick friends while working at the New England Aquarium in her teens). Originally from Cambridge, MA, and now based in New York City — by way of Florida, Alaska, and the Bahamas — she’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and has also consulted small to medium businesses to help scale their companies.

Interested in working at String and Key? Join us!

Learn more about other String and Key members here.

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