Meet our Web Engineering team!

Jasmin H
Jasmin H
Sep 15, 2020 · 6 min read

As a fintech startup, we rely on technology in everything that we do, so you could say our Web Engineering team is the foundation of our company’s goals and successes. From building our websites, along with our back-of-house software, and the internal tools that bring our products to life, they are responsible for architecting and writing software that delights. And, they work closely with our other equally-as-important Creative, Strategy, and Infrastructure teams to keep everything running securely and reliably.

Made up of a passionate and dynamic group of young professionals, the team is constantly chasing a perfect balance between self-sufficiency and support. They know that writing code is, in its own way, a creative endeavor, so their team process is set up to allow for focused time to get in the zone along with space for development and mentorship. Sometimes that means pairing with a peer or digging into code review feedback together. Other times, it means taking time to work through a course for a new language or framework, so the front-end and back-end teams better understand each other’s work. Above all else, they strive to be thoughtful, take ownership, and to do things right.

So get to know more about this talented team below — from their career paths to ambitions, fun facts to secret talents. And if you like what you read and think you’d love working with these awesome personalities, apply now — because we’re hiring!

Meet Alex Shook, Senior Software Engineer
Alex’s early career ideas weren’t necessarily ones she expected to take her into the tech field. Growing up, she dreamed of dancing for the New York City Ballet or becoming a competitive figure skater. She also dabbled with the idea of working in international business and traveling the world/living the dream. But thanks to a lucky twist of fate (for us), she joined our team and has been contributing her unique talents to String and Key projects ever since.

Meet Sid Watal, Senior Software Engineer
Raised in India, Sid landed in New York City just in time for middle school and never left (outside of a brief stint in D.C. working for both Geico and the US government). A man of many talents, Sid is a hip-hop aficionado (he can recite every lyric to any rap song that came out in the 90s), a pro at pickling vegetables (he currently has some sauerkraut fermenting), and the go-to BBQ guy in the office (you can find him smoking meats in his backyard in Brooklyn).

Meet Danelson Rosa, Software Engineer
A few years ago, Danelson founded an ed-tech startup as a solopreneur and pursued that path for a couple of years, learning a ton along the way. With his entrepreneurial spirit in tow, he went on to teach coding courses in NYC before flying halfway across the world to continue teaching in the sandy city of Doha, Qatar. Once he returned to the Big Apple, Danelson wanted to get back into tech full-time, so we convinced him to come on board and build something great with us.

Meet Chris Martinez, Web Department Producer
Admittedly the guy who cannot resist the siren song of checking Slack messages while on vacation, Chris’s dedication to the success of his team is evident to anyone who has ever collaborated with him on a project. Another veteran in the crew, he had worked with some of our team members for over four and a half years before being convinced to switch from agency life to the product world by our CEO, Alex. A huge fan of solo travel and finding adventure off the beaten track, he has a penchant for pushing himself to learn and grow (while having fun in the process, of course).

Meet John Joseph, Senior Frontend Engineer
If you’re curious about the history of punk rock and hip hop, John’s your man. A musician himself, he admittedly knows way too much about the subjects. He has even considered writing a book on this music history but thinks that the market has already been saturated (we disagree and hope he’ll change his mind someday!). Born and raised in Maine, John fell in love with North Carolina after visiting his sister who lives in the state. He fell for the southern weather, moved there for good, and pre-pandemic had been working out of our Chapel Hill office.

Meet Seth Hochberg, Director of Web Engineering
If you’re looking for some cool extra-curricular ideas, look no further as we share some hobby inspo via our Director of Platform Engineering, Seth. He builds his own bicycles, knows a thing or two about lockpicking, and can give you the oral history of most dance music styles. So how did this bike pro, part-time locksmith, and dance music enthusiast end up as part of our senior leadership at String and Key? Well, his story begins in the ‘burbs of Tampa, where he grew up. Choosing to stay in his home state to go to college in Miami, Seth graduated as a classically trained tubist, then spent some time playing music and working as a recording engineer in the magic city. He intended to stay in that lane career-wise, however, as many a tech tale goes, his side gig of doing web development for extra income really took off, and well, you know how that story ends…

Meet Dennis Bui, Junior Software Engineer
From chemist to coder — Dennis’s journey to String and Key is a unique one. After working as an analytic chemist for five years, he got the itch to change careers. But it wasn’t a yearning to switch to something completely random. It was more of a desire to get back to his original passion for software engineering — a passion originating from his love of playing video games growing up (and wanting to build a game of his own someday). So, with the help of an excellent coding boot camp and some serious determination, he swapped chemical structures for software systems and made it happen.

Meet Anthony Mejia, Software Engineer
Bio coming soon.

Interested in working at String and Key? Join us!

Learn more about other String and Key members here.

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