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Metacognition, games (and preview on artificial intelligence)

Tech Talk for Teachers #1

Metacognition and Games

Our team was very intrigued by how Nanite crunches (rendered on Unreal, a game engine) can be reduced to just millions of triangles!
  1. Used Google Slides for ease of integration with Google Classroom
  2. Used Twine (open source platform) that allows rich interactive narratives. Tutorial here
  3. Used Student Learning Space (SLS) and its in-built gamification functions.

Artificial Intelligence — context and preview

  • AI SG student club started since 2020/2021 by Jing Long
  • Since then AI SG has also offered TWA (with fairly rigorous requirements of having to complete an extensive course on DataCamp)
  • Student Learning Space has an AI Roadmap



String is a global network of teachers and students for learning digital skills through events, a guided portfolio tool and user generated content

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