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Why ‘String’?

Thoughts behind the brand

Cover for the String deck (undergoing a process of rebranding this May-Jun 2022)

When I abruptly lost my first startup (CareerContact), I wanted to tie up loose ends. I wanted to keep my team and the transactions intact. Looking on the bright side, it gave me a chance to refocus and rebrand the product. After a few iterations — vague airy fairy names like Our Digital Future — I arrived at String.

String is fundamentally about providing tech skills and opportunities for students and educators. It is in line with my personal mission of bridging the gap between industry and education. The following details some justifications and thoughts behind the name:

  1. String is meant to refer to the datatype (other datatypes include float, boolean integer). This is one of the things you learn when learning about basic data science, web dev and tech in general and the name explicitly is inspired by this.
  2. String connects people to opportunities. Just like CareerContact, our basic product offering includes a tech events aggregator slapped on with a recommendation system for users to consider other events, courses, hackathons, or even internships down the line. To celebrate this idea of connection, a reef knot is used in the current logo — it is the same knot used to connect two different strings/ ropes.
  3. No strings attached in terms of pricing. This will always be free for students. It will operate on a freemium model for all other types of users
  4. String is my way of tying up loose ends so whatever was achieved by the past team of over 50 people continues to exist in some form. We have a new team now who are brought together by a similar mission and vision. I treasure these ties that bind.
  5. is the tentative domain for the current app. This red string features in our current logo and might continue to exist in the redesign. In both Jewish (Kabbalah) and Chinese culture, a red string wards off evil. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture, tying a red string involves references to fate, destiny and love. String won’t be a dating app even though I think it is a fantastic name for it. But facilitating the process of getting to where you want to go and growing in that direction is something I hope String can help students and educators do.

This is my fourth year being an educator myself and String/ CareerContact was inspired by the various problems I felt. I would have wanted a product like String for myself back when a student and look forward to making this happen with my team in the coming months.



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