All good things must come to an end

Erling Løberg
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5 min readAug 7, 2019


As we are starting to feel that the summer is coming to an end, so is the student interns of feeling that everyday life with assignments and exams is coming closer and closer. In this post, we will introduce the three last men of this year's internship program. Magnus, Yan and Erling.

During the summer there have been several social happenings such as dinners, the Beer Festival of Trondheim and Bowling nights


Magnus joined earlier this spring and will stay with us part-time while he is studying at NTNU. Magnus is a FinTech enthusiast and brings with him a whole lot of financial insights. He is a 21-year-old from Oslo and is currently in his third year of studying for his Masters in Computer Science at NTNU.

How did you discover

“I discovered through my student association at NTNU. I had been studying Computer Science for 2 and a half years when I decided to try my luck at a summer internship. caught my attention immediately because it was a startup with a heavy emphasis on tech. I even decided to work part-time through the spring before the summer internship.”

Magnus will be exchanging to Barcelona next year but will be back in Trondheim for at least one more year after that.

What do you which to learn during this internship?

“I want to get my feet wet with the newest tech and Mito’s stack is perfect for that. It is also great to learn how eight developers coordinate, from the stack to continuous integration, when they are all working on the same product.”

Magnus is currently working on enriching our entity graph with data from different sources, including Brønneysundregisteret and

What is the best thing about working in

“The people are great! And the CTO is practically sitting right next to me, so getting help from an experienced developer is super easy. The feeling of writing code in the morning and then see it in production in the evening is also awesome.”


Yan is currently studying in his fourth year in Computer Science at NTNU. He is specializing in artificial intelligence, which he also practiced during an internship for the Norwegian Tax Administration. Yan is therefore bringing a lot to the table her at Mito! Yan always got a big smile on his face and cheers up his surroundings.

How did you discover

“I found out about through Abakus’s website. Abakus is a student organization at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. The organization is run for and by the students at the programs Computer Science, Informatics and Communication Technology.”

What do you wish to learn during this internship?

“I want to learn to apply what I have learned during my studies on real-life problems. Also to learn how it is like to work with real-life problems compared to theoretical ones. In addition, I want to learn about new technologies, and how to use them.”

Sitting right next to our CTO Patrick, the environment is set for Yan to get the most out of this summer! always seeks to implement the newest technology to get the most out of our product.

What is the best thing about working at

First of all, the best thing about working at Mito AI are the people that work there. The second reason is the tasks I get. I get to do things that are both interesting and meaningful to me, which is great, and at the same time, I am free to choose how to solve them.”

In we believe in giving clear tasks, with a relatively unclear framework on how to do the task. This both gives our employees freedom and motivates them to think independently. In turn, we get motivated and innovative employees.


Erling is currently studying for a Master in Business & Administration at the Norwegian School of Economics. He got experience from sales and is now interested in seeing how works.

How did you discover

“I literally googled “Fintech startup Trondheim” and got into The idea of using unstructured data to follow or predict the financial outcome of firms really caught me.”

Erling has been following the stock market for the past years. As he now got access to the tools of he will be up to date on every new event in the market.

What do you wish to learn during this internship?

“I want to see what it is like trying to scale up and commercialize a Start-up. In I will be able to work besides Marit and Sigve that both have taken a start-up into the market before. I am really looking forward to learning from both of them.”

With long experience from start-ups there are few better mentors than Marit and Sigve.

What is the best thing about working in

“The people here are great! There are so many bright people with different expertise filling each other out. One of the coolest things is watching how the business and development divisions collaborate. It is also very exciting to see how the product is formed during the commercialization process, in order to fit potential customers' demand.”

In there are economists, computer developers, and system trainees. The combination of different experiences and backgrounds makes a diversified little community, that is able to see things from different perspectives.