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Maximizing productivity with Slack — and why we made our own Slack bot

A developer’s guide on how to make your life easier with Slack

Let the bots turn Slack into your favorite tool!

Public Slack bots

The one website to rule them all

GitHub bot — Free

Pro tip: switch “subscribe” with “unsubscribe” to unsubscribe 🤯

Geekbot — Paid with free trial

Every day, Geekbot asks me what I’m up to
My answer is then posted in the Slack channel devoted to daily standups, along with everyone else’s answers

Sentry — Free and paid plans

He was probably smiling while commenting 😬

Giphy — Free

This is the GIF I got by sending “/giphy awesome”. It gives you a random GIF that is labeled with the word or sentence written after /giphy.

Why we made our own bot

I want a bot that can interfere with my product

My top 6 most used Slack bots

Monitoring CI/CD

We also used the slack API to send buttons along with the message, so that we can continue or abort deployment without even leaving Slack.

Monitoring queues

Here, the “low priority queue” has exceeded its threshold, meaning that someone should investigate ASAP

Customized link previews

Slack crawler trying to crawl a website that requires authentication
Custom preview of an event in the Strise app! It also supports images if there are any 😄




Automated B2B workflows using AI

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