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ChatGenie powers small businesses in the post-pandemic world with social commerce tools

ChatGenie enables small businesses to create online stores within existing social media pages and superapps. Courtesy of ChatGenie.
Since launching the In-App Commerce Platform, ChatGenie has taken strides in helping Filipino small businesses digitalize their operations. Courtesy of ChatGenie.
Using ChatGenie’s platform resulted in an higher-than-average customer conversion rate for Marikina Bakery. Courtesy of ChatGenie.

Merging digital and offline worlds

After allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell inside the world’s biggest apps with its In-App Commerce Platform, ChatGenie is now going full circle by merging the best of digital and offline worlds with In-Store Commerce Use Cases as part of our partnership with Strive Community. As lockdowns lifted and customers began to resume shopping in stores, using the platform for In-Store Commerce enables customers to create pre-orders, pay for transactions, and pick up orders themselves, merging online selling with offline events. Customers can also simply scan the store’s unique QR code and make their orders in store. Soon, customers will be able to scan QR codes to obtain vouchers within the store in the same way they can apply vouchers on online marketplace apps.

In partnership with Strive Community, ChatGenie’s In-Store Commerce Use Cases were first trialed at G Music Fest. Photo courtesy of ChatGenie.

Reducing frictions for small businesses selling online

ChatGenie continues to work to fulfill its goal to empower Filipino entrepreneurs to sell smarter online. In addition to our In-Store Commerce Use Cases, and through our partnership with Strive Community, we’re bringing additional value to micro-enterprises engaging in social commerce in the Philippines with three new features: a service booking bundle, a point-of-sale feature with pay links, and a GCash Store Launcher Shopify App.



Strive Community is a global philanthropic initiative launched by Caribou Digital and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. The program will equip 5 million small business owners with innovative digital solutions that unleash their potential as catalysts of inclusive growth

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