Judas 2016, Street Performance ©Carlos Teles Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

ACERT Tondela, more than just a theatre

I keep coming back here for quality theatre experiences, drinks at the pub with live music and special exhibitions…always a great way to start a night out! ACERT stands for Cultural and Recreational Association of Tondela. Created and managed by a theatre company (Trigo Limpo). Celebrates its 40th year with a fantastic 2016 program!

ACERT is a place for:

1- Theatre

2- Cinema

3- Music

3- Dance

4- Workshops

5- Photography, Painting and Poetry.

How do I get there?

ACERT (R. Dr. Ricardo Mota 24,Tondela)

Here some of my favorites…

EVISCERART: Vanesa Aibar en Compañía, Flamenco (7th November 2015)

EVISCERART with Vanesa Aibar ©Carlos Teles Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

Performance of Manuel Rocha with audience at the stage (13th February 2016)

Manuel Rocha, Concerto Nu Palco ©Ricardo Chaves Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

Jazz Concert of Mário Laginha Trio (20th February 2016)

Mário Laginha Trio, Concerto ©Carlos Teles Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

Um Urso com Poucos Miolos by Trigo Limpo (26th February 2016)

Um Urso Com Poucos Miolos
Trigo Limpo ©Carlos Teles Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

“E Agora?” by Gonçalo M. Tavares (8th April 2016)

“E Agora?” ©Ricardo Chaves Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)

The magic of theatre is that is depends on the audience, and here at Tondela we are among friends.

Poesia Original, Poetry Day, 19th March 2016 ©Ricardo Chaves Photography (Acert Tondela, Portugal)
“To enter a theatre for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.” 
- Simon Callow