Country within the country | #2

District: Guarda. Linhares da Beira, Portugal

There you go, take number 2. Linhares da Beira. It’s been a while already since I visited this place, but I thought it was totally worth it to mention it here. It’s one of the historical villages / “Aldeias Históricas de Portugal” that usually is left aside…

Linhares is a tiny 12th century medieval village situated on the western slopes of Serra da Estrela. It’s famous for its castle, built as a Lusitanian hill fort. Probably you don’t have that much to see, but no doubt the castle and the village together give you a great chance to see how the medieval settlement used to be.

Looks quite exciting how the castle rises up on a massive hill of granite. They say because of its location, protective shelter of the mountains, enormous pastureland and water supply, Linhares was one of the regions inhabited by the Iberian tribe. In those days flax or linho in portuguese, was one of the most important crops, so that’s where Linhares name comes from, “Flax Fields”.

Castelo de Linhares da Beira

Not going to talk about incredible views that open up from a castle. You just could stay forever looking into tiny details of miniature-like landscapes.

Another great thing, to complete your half-a-day trip, you can have an excellent lunch or dinner at the restaurant situated right at the center of the village - Cova da Loba. Leaving you here a menu to have an idea:

  • Green salad with gratinated goat cheese on toasted bread and red fruits jam
  • Grilled lamb with mint and lemon served with rice and ‘grelos’/rapini
  • Arroz de cabidela
  • Mint ice cream with strawberries

So if after all, you have more time to spend there, Turismo do Centro recommends to visit these place as well:

  • The Matriz and Misericórdia church
  • The Manueline houses and the old inn
  • The pelourinho and the old town hall
  • The Corte Real manor e o Brandão e Melo manor