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7 Best Cloud-Based Spy Tracking Software

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There are a lot of ethical reasons to spy on other people. First of all, spy software helps parents keep an eye on their kids’ activities on the web. You know that the Internet and social networks are full of online dangers, including cyberbullying, online predators, and unwanted content. Monitoring software lets you check what your kids do on the Net, who they communicate with, what kind of content they access and what they’re up to. What’s more, cloud-based control and monitoring software allow spying on a child from any place without access to their device.

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Other than that, spy software is often used for remote employee monitoring. A spy cloud service installed on employee’s computers may tell you much about their productivity and involvement in business tasks. For instance, web tracking can show what websites a team member visits at the workplace. The manager can also prevent data leakage and investigate employees’ unlawful actions with the help of a monitoring & tracking application.

Whatever your monitoring needs are, you’ll need to find the spy software that will suit all your requirements. To help you make a wise choice, let’s look through the best cloud-based spy tracking software.


Spyrix IMs Tracking

Spyrix is widely-known hidden spyware for Windows and macOS. Due to the comforts that this software offers, it is growing more and more popular worldwide. Spyrix has a robust list of features that are appealing. To begin with, the tracking app is suitable both for parental control (Spyrix Personal Monitor) and employee monitor (Spyrix Employee Monitoring). The mentioned 2 products differ in multiple features but are powerful and perfectly deal with their primary purposes. Spyrix programs are cloud-based, i.e. you will never need to access the target device after installing the application. All the recorded data will come to your online dashboard.

With the help of this monitoring software, you can view visited websites, keystrokes, clipboard events, emails, running applications and more. When it comes to tracking social media and messengers, Spyrix is a lifesaver. It records activity on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more. What’s more important, this spyware can turn a monitored device into a surveillance tool, recording sound and live surroundings through the webcam and microphone.


  • powerful monitoring features;
  • simple user interface;
  • screen recording and webcam recording;
  • remote settings.


  • a short trial period.


ActualKeylogger Online Dashboard

As the name suggests, this software was initially created for keystroke logging. However, the app is now much more than a simple keylogger. It is an undetectable cloud monitoring service for Windows and macOS devices. The flexibility and affordability of ActualKeylogger make it one of the best spy applications. Here’s what you get after installing the keylogger: an online account with the recorded data, screenshot capturing, live viewing, screen recording, search engine tracking, and more. For an extra cost, the app can record calls on social media and in IMs.

Like the previous spyware, ActualKeylogger can be used for personal and business needs since it offers multiple license packages. It’s worth noting that the keylogger offers multiple ways of data delivery. You can view the recorded logs on your online account, locally on the target computer, or get reports to your email address. Receiving the data to LAN or FTP is also possible. For parents, the spyware offers powerful web filtering that allows blocking particular URLs or unwanted categories of sites (adult, shopping, gambling, etc.)


  • flexible pricing and license model;
  • one of the cheapest on the market;
  • a free trial;
  • live surveillance through the webcam and mic;
  • invisible mode.


  • doesn’t offer spy mobile trackers for iOS and Android.


CleverControl Productivity Stats

CleverControl is intended for remote control of all employees’ activities. I like this tracking solution because it doesn’t require any IT department or technical knowledge for installation. The service is cloud-based with a secure web account for viewing reports. CleverControl allows viewing multiple devices’ screens in live mode, an indispensable feature for a security department. With this monitoring app, an HR manager will identify slackers and reward hard-workers, and the CEO will be able to keep an eye on the workflow on the go.

The main features include keylogging, URL tracking, clipboard monitoring, printer and USB monitoring. Additionally, the spyware offers webcam and mic recordings and a continuous screen recording. The app is compatible with Windows and macOS and can track up to 300 computers simultaneously. It’s suitable for small and mid-sized businesses and is helpful when preventing corporate data leakage and improving personnel’s productivity.


  • invisible on the target device, including the Task Manager;
  • smart reports;
  • control over removable drives;
  • real-time tracking through a web account;
  • recording of Facebook and LinkedIn activities.


  • there’re many tracking features, so you’ll need time to get used to the dashboard.


Realtime-spy Online Viewing

Realtime-Spy is cutting-edge remote tracking software, one of the few solutions of this type that can be deployed remotely. The application records every activity performed on the target device, including keyboard events and passwords, website usage, social chats, emails, social networks, etc. Realtime-Spy is a lifesaver for parents who want to keep an eye on their kid’s location distantly since it provides the user with an advanced location tracker. Screenshot viewing gives a vivid picture of user activities while you were not present.

The monitoring app is suitable for macOS, Android, and all the latest versions of Windows. The recorded data can be checked remotely via a strongly protected online account. The spy software can be uninstalled distantly without access to the target PC. So in case the target guesses that they’re being tracked, you can quickly erase all traces of your spying.


  • remote installation;
  • frequent screenshot capturing;
  • wide compatibility;
  • powerful features.


  • no option to spy on live surroundings through the webcam and mic.


Spyera is a perfect spy mobile tracker for Android and iPhone. The app will be suitable for parents and employers thanks to its great monitoring features. With Spyera, parents can protect their kids from online dangers like cyber bullies and online predators. At the same time, employers can prevent data leakage and declining productivity. The developers offer a 10-day money-back guarantee and free updates of the program.

What’s more important, Spyera can record keystrokes, chats, SMS, call logs, GPS location, activity on the social networks, emails, media files, and more. In fact, it gives you total control over the target’s mobile phone. When it comes to spying on your kids, live call listening is indispensable for detecting unwanted and suspicious contacts. Plus, the app records all phone calls so that you can play them later.


  • call recording in Viber, Skype, Facebook., etc.;
  • remote video and audio recording of live surroundings;
  • geo-fencing;
  • hidden jailbreak.


  • requires root.


pcTattletale Online Account

pcTattletale is a cloud service for employee monitoring and parental control. The software runs silently in the background without letting the target know that they’re being tracked. A simple user interface and powerful features make it a delight to use. With this spy software, watching your kids or employees is deadly easy. The cloud service allows tracking devices from any place and any gadget with a few taps. Note that the app is installed manually on the computer or smartphone and is suitable for Windows and Android.

The main features include keylogging, web browsing activity recording, IMs tracking. For parents, such spyware is an excellent opportunity to keep an eye on children’s online activity and open a dialogue about the importance of their online safety. Moreover, the cloud-based tracking app comes with valuable features for employee monitoring like productivity stats and attendance. pcTattletale offers a free trial and multiple subscription plans. To learn more about this cloud tracker, go to the official website.


  • remote tracking from any device;
  • fast installation;
  • recording of any kind of activity;
  • screen recording.


  • pricing isn’t cheap;
  • no option to monitor one device (the subscription plan begins with 3 devices).

MoniVisor for Windows

MoniVisor Keylogger

Available for Windows, this cloud-based monitoring app supports over 20 features for comprehensive remote tracking. It lets you keep an eye on social media conversations on WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as track Internet Activity with the exact visiting time. Additionally, MoniVisor captures the device’s screen silently and automatically at specified intervals informing you of current user activities.

Besides, the software helps you monitor all the files activity on the target device, track the computer log on and off, and record the total time spent in a particular app. Designed with employers in mind, MoniVisor, records printer activities and USB connections for data leakage prevention. To experience all the features, you can try an online demo. Other than Windows tracking, the developers offer spy solutions for Android and iPhone.


  • real-time data syncing;
  • invisible mode;
  • keystroke recording during web browsing in incognito mode;
  • email tracking.


  • doesn’t support macOS tracking.

To sum up, there are multiple reliable spy solutions with a web account for remote tracking. All of them are suitable for parental control and employee monitoring purposes and offer powerful features. Before you buy a subscription, ensure that the chosen app offers 24/7 support and is easily configured. It’s also helpful to look through user reviews across the web. I hope that this article will help you make the right choice.

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