9 Important Facts Parents Should Learn About Their Young Entrepreneurs To Cultivate A Healthier Relationship

Joren van Schaik
Jun 5, 2018 · 5 min read

Understanding and acceptance are the first steps towards Harmony

One of the most difficult conversations young entrepreneurs have is with parents who don’t understand, or approve of their ventures. I think many of us can relate to this. We want to devote our time and energy on learning and building. This undertaking, however, becomes more strenuous when we have to frequently justify ourselves in conversations with disagreeing kin.

Understanding must come from both sides. With this article, I want to help parents better comprehend the mindsets of their entrepreneurial children.

1. We Are Trying To Find Our Way — And We Will

We understand it’s hard for you to go along with our vision when we don’t do certain things the same way you did. This doesn’t make us weird or intentionally rebellious — okay maybe sometimes.

You have to accept that our priorities simply differ. We are deeply in love with the search for our calling. We love the journey. We love creating.

We don’t want to become an echo, or settle with our idea of mediocrity — we want to reach our full potential. Making mistakes is inevitable, but we are willing to try anyway. There is nothing worse to us than feeling regret when it’s too late. We understand it’s tough for you to see us fail or not “fit in”, but behind the desert lies the promised land. Let’s welcome adversity together.

2. We Believe In Our Purpose Of Helping People

We didn’t come by the idea of being an entrepreneur out of the blue. There was something that triggered us — an event that ignited a fire in us. All we want, is to create something that is authentically our own, solves other people’s struggles, and secures a financially free life. This is a beautiful goal, a dream to be cherished.

We want to translate the learning experiences of our past into the solution for those who are struggling with similar hardships.

3. Some Societal Rules Are Just Absurd To Us

Everyone has their personal opinion about this. My top 3 concerns about today’s society are education, marriage (divorce), and politics. These 3 have never improved the quality of my life. I just hate certain rules and expectations, especially those that limit our growth. Chances are you do too.

4. Please Stop Trying To “Convince” Us Otherwise Through Comparison

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

If you believe that comparing us to other people is a good way to change our minds, you are misinterpreting the whole point. We don’t want to live someone else’s life. Life is not about competition.

Competition kills creativity and authenticity.

Furthermore, how can you be so sure that these people you compare us to are really that happy? And why is it relevant?

Rather try to see where we’re coming from, and where we want to go.

5. We Give A Different Meaning To The Word “Failing”

Because that’s all it is — a word. Failing doesn’t mean agreeing with the world that we can’t do it. Failing is not about us realizing we’ve been acting foolish. We don’t care about all that. We are not afraid of it. We even do it deliberately at times, because what we want to achieve is worth suffering for. Whenever we fail, we know improvement becomes the result of it.

Failing is just a word we can all give a different meaning to

Others might ridicule us to a point where you feel shame. But why though?There are a lot of voices out there, an abundance of opinions. In the end, what they say doesn’t matter. So if we don’t grant too much attention to their opinions, you shouldn’t either. Don’t let the theories of others influence your belief in us.

Anthony Moore described this perfectly in his most recent article.
“Most people aren’t healthy, fit, fulfilled, happy, rested, focused, or excited about their life”

So why let their vision become our manual for living?

6. The Number One Thing We Hate Is Being Told We Can’t Do Something

Everyone experienced this at some point in their life. There has always been a person who once told us that we can’t do something. Most people stop believing in themselves and let their fires go out. Just because mrs. Gallagher said so, doesn’t make it so.

Most people who try to convince us that we will fail are the same people who gave up on themselves at some point. They hope that we won’t succeed because they are afraid of being confronted by their own weaknesses.

In most cases, don’t trust a naysayer.

7. Being Free Is What We Value Most

Our journey doesn’t revolve around living from paycheck to paycheck. We don’t want to feel the need to impress people — especially those we don’t even know or like. We are not looking for boring comfort or safety. Others can do so if they wish.

Following the majority has never brought us anywhere magical — and never will. We want to stand up for ourselves and walk our own path. Freedom is our destination. This means being financially — and location independent, while building things that give our lives meaning.

8. Your Support Lifts Us Up, Your Fear Slows Us Down

What we are trying to accomplish isn’t easy, we know that too. We encounter enough people who think we are wacky. This is something that can instill fear and doubt in us. Your support means the world to us. So please don’t do the opposite.

9. We Love You, But We Will Continue Without Your Permission

We can accept if you don’t understand our vision, we just hope you can respect it. This is our decision, our journey. We really want you in on it.


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