How To Increase Your Writing Income From 1 to 2 Figures In 1 Month!

We all have to start somewhere — Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash

Everybody wants to write about how to go from 6 to 7 figures or from 7 to 8 figures.

What about those of us who just aren’t quite there yet?

I want to make 6 figures a month, but first things first — I have to start at the beginning.

Nobody has ever written an article (not that I know of) on how to go from 1 to 2 figures. I’m going to tell you how! You’re welcome.

  1. Join. Yes, join the Medium Partnership Program. It’s only $5 per month. This has to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your life. You get to read and write.
  2. Write. When you write, you make money. No worries about sending it to an editor or having someone bleed all over your final draft. You can submit with errors if you want to (although, I don’t recommend it). It’s simply your choice.
  3. Publish. This can be a hard one. Don’t listen to the negative chatter in your head. YOU CAN DO THIS! If your palms are sweaty, click publish. If your heart is jumping out of your chest, click publish. If you’re having a baby, click publish. Then go have the baby. No matter what, click publish.
  4. Interact. Yes, there are other writers on here who get just as nervous when publishing their work, too. Reach out and comment on their post. There’s all kinds of stories on here. Some days, you may even be someone’s sunshine. Or just a listening ear. Or a dose of hope.
  5. Clap. You get to applaud up to 50 times. It’s okay to be generous (really, it is). If you enjoyed it, clap! Let everyone know how much you support them for getting over their ‘write fright’ and clicking publish!

If you write enough your first month, you may be able to shoot straight to 2 or maybe even 3 figures!

Don’t be afraid to put it out there. You never know what might happen. I believe in you. From here, you can only go up!

The more you repeat steps 2–5, the bigger your chances are of growing from 1 to 2 figures.

This is how it starts — ‘write fright’ and all. The only way you can successfully overcome it, is by clicking publish. After you do it a few times, it becomes natural. Then, you will see your income grow, month by month!

Once I’ve learned how to get from 2 to 3 figures (which I’m sure is TOTALLY different), I’ll write another post and share the wealth!

But first, baby steps.

Have you achieved going from 1 to 2 figures? If so, leave a comment and be an inspiration to those who are just starting :-)