Stryking and FC Bayern Munich sign licensing partnership for digital collectibles to become global hub for blockchain-based digital collectibles centered on popular sports licenses

Stryking Entertainment (a subsidiary of Animoca Brands) and leading German football club FC Bayern Munich have signed a licensing partnership to produce and distribute digital collectibles based on FC Bayern players. Starting with stars like Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Hernández and the other top players of the German record-holding championship team, Stryking is working on creating a global platform for blockchain-based digital collectibles centered on popular sports licenses. A first teaser website at has been launched today and more licensing partnerships will be announced with leading sports clubs, leagues and other sports rights-holders for creating and distributing digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Dirk Weyel, Founder & CEO of Stryking Entertainment comments: “We are extremely thrilled to launch our new platform with FC Bayern Munich as our first licensing partner. FC Bayern is one of the biggest football clubs in the world and their fans all around the globe should watch out for the first pre-sale with rare cards of their favourite stars coming soon. In the upcoming weeks and months we will add more football licenses and other sports to the platform. Our vision is to build a truly global hub where sports fans meet to collect and trade as well as play with their digital collectibles.”

The Fantasy Sports challenge system that Stryking has developed for “Football-Stars” will provide gameplay for the digital collectibles, allowing fans to use non-fungible tokens player cards of real sports stars in special challenges to compete against each other. Users build virtual line-ups with their player cards and play against the line-ups of other users, with results calculated based on real-life results or historical data. This mechanic allows users to increase the value of their player cards, which they can sell on the marketplace.

FC Bayern Munich is one the most popular and successful football clubs in the world with more than 60 million followers on social media globally and more than 290,000 official members. The club has won many national and international titles, including five times the Champions League, Europe’s top tournament.

Stryking was recently acquired by Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1), a publicly listed mobile and blockchain gaming company with a portfolio of strong licensing partnerships in sports and entertainment, including Formula 1®, Atari, Garfield, MotoGP, and many others.

Stryking will provide further information on future developments and the roll-out roadmap for in the coming weeks.

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We utilize blockchain technology to create a compelling user experience with officially licensed digital collectibles from the world of sports.

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Develops and operates the innovative platform Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile to soccer fans around the globe.

We utilize blockchain technology to create a compelling user experience with officially licensed digital collectibles from the world of sports.

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