Important Announcement From Our CEO Dirk Weyel

We have had an incredible journey since we started the STRYKZ token sale late last year. After an extensive roadshow throughout Europe and Asia, winning two ICO pitch competitions, meeting with crypto investors and the crypto community around the world — we know there is an audience for an even more user-centric fantasy sports experience.

At the same time, we have potential partners interested in our product and potential investors for the business, so we decided to shift our strategy to B2B. In the future we will focus on licensing and operating our tokenized platform for media houses, leagues, clubs, brands and other partners to enable fantasy sports gaming for any sport or league in the world. Football-Stars, the game, will continue to be an important part of Stryking — through it, we are able to showcase our technology and platform.

The first step for the new strategy has already been made after signing a long-term deal with a top 10 European football club. This adds to our list of partnerships that we have closed during the last 12 months such as the German Bundesliga, Germany’s largest football magazine kicker and Sportdigital TV, who are already running their own white-label version of Football-Stars.

With this new focus, we have taken in new investors as well which causes a significant equity restructuring and a shift in the overall business plan. As a result of the new equity financing round and the fact that we haven’t reached our soft cap with the overall bad timing for our ICO, we will cancel our token sale for now.

We will continue to work on developing the business and on adjusting our tokenization plan to fit our new strategy focus with the goal to come back with a stronger and even more attractive token sale offering in the future.

What Happens Next

For those of you who have participated in the token sale, here is what will happen:

Public Sale:

If you have contributed in the token sale you will be refunded in the currency you originally used. Refunds will take place in the next 14 days.

Bounty Program:

The Bounty program has been cancelled. As compensation for all your efforts, we will offer you free Coins in our Football-Stars platform. For more information, please head over to the Bitcointalk thread.

Air Drop:

The airdrop has also been cancelled. As compensation for your efforts, we will offer you free Coins in our Football-Stars platform. We will send an email with instructions soon.

If you have any additional questions, please head over to our Telegram channel or send us an email on

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