STRYKZ Prediction Game Results

Throughout the World Cup, there have been gripping moments and shocking outcomes. Who could have predicted the results? The STRYKZ Prediction Game invited our community to submit their predictions, including the score they predicted, for the various matches played throughout the World Cup.

So how did the Prediction Game work? Correct score predictions rewarded participants with a pool of STRYKZ. The first 10 people who guessed a match correctly got 1000 STRYKZ each. When there were more than 10 winners, the pool of 10,000 was shared equally. The guesses had to be done before the match, not during, and if the guess was edited at all it was made invalid. You can read more about the rules and how the game worked here.

The Results

Number of Prediction Games: 36

Over half of the matches played throughout the World Cup were also in the STRYKZ Prediction Game, which started after the first round.

Participants: 2000+

The STRYKZ Official Telegram community was buzzing with predictions. Our participants were football fans from all over the globe, rooting for different teams and each determined to make a correct guess.

Correct Predictions: 150

With 36 Prediction Games, there was an average of 4.2 correct guesses per match. The surprising results throughout the World Cup meant a total of seven games had no correct predictions!

Can you guess the game which had the most correct predictions? It was Germany — Sweden, 2–1. A total of 17 people guessed the result correctly to win a share of the 10K STRYKZ pool for that match.

The World Cup Final had only two winners in the Prediction Game. Did you guess the final result?

In total, participants of the Prediction Games won 109,000 STRYKZ between them.

Although the World Cup and the STRYKZ Prediction Games are over, the excitement is still building up. The STRYKZ token sale is currently ongoing until July 29, 2018 at 11:59:59 CEST. Get all the details and register to participate on the STRYKZ website. Take your football predictions and team know-how to the next level in Football-Stars, with STRYKZ.

A quick reminder to winners of the STRYKZ Telegram World Cup Prediction Game: all STRYKZ tokens will be distributed after the STRYKZ public launch.

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