STRYKZ: The Top-Rated Token For All Football Fans

Our vision at Stryking Entertainment is to bring sports fans all over the world as close to the real action as they can get. We aim to tokenize fantasy sports, starting with football and our existing game Football-Stars. Football-Stars will expand from its already popular and growing platform into becoming a community driven game, with the STRYKZ token serving as an incentive for users to generate large parts of the content.

As our token sale progresses, our ICO has been rated by experts and fans alike. Here is a roundup of some of the feedback, to give you a quick look at what the experts have to say about STRYKZ.


The breakdown of STRYKZ on TrackICO gives our project full points on every aspect, including our project milestones, team, and engaged community. Football-Stars is already live with an active and engaged user base. This is the best proof-of-concept, which many utility token projects don’t have until after their token sale. After the sale, our platform is already in place to start using STRYKZ!

“STRYKZ is really the only serious fan-engagement coin out there.” — Jonas Chillander, 5/5 Facebook review


Ratings on ICOMarks take into account the general project information such as the whitepaper, financial information, milestones, social activity, team proof, and more. The product mark is determined by ICOmarks experts. Across all aspects, STRYKZ has an average of 9.2/10, including 10/10 for team and 10/10 for social!

“What a cool project! A great way to employ blockchain in a big real market.” — Hendrik Michael Schwartz, 5/5 review


ICOholder breaks down each ICO, rating aspects like our social media channels, team, vision, product, and potential. Every aspect has scored well, with our ICO profile, vision, and potential scoring particularly well. Plus every single member of our team, including advisors, have been verified. (BitcoinTalk status? Legendary.)

Arnaud Rofidal, a reviewer on Facebook, agrees: “I am investing. I do believe in [the] association of blockchain and fantasy football and sport in general. Team is a strong one.”


We’ve built a strong team of advisors, both within the football industry and the crypto space. The STRYKZ management team heads a strong board of advisors, with experts from both the football industry and the crypto space. ICObench recognizes the strength of our team with a full 5/5 score on this aspect.

“Strykz is one of [the] pioneers in fantasy gaming with an existing business. Run by experts for football fans alike, I think it is a very promising project.” — Verified ICObench review by Gary Chan, Community Manager


Foundico uses five areas when rating the project: main ICO information, financials, product, marketing, and team. STRYKZ scored 10/10 in both main information and team!

“A real business which happens to benefit from using blockchain rather than a blockchain looking for a business.” — Tom McNerney, 5/5 Facebook review

Other Scores And Reviews

We are delighted to have received so many positive ratings and top reviews for STRYKZ! You still have the opportunity to participate. The STRYKZ token sale is currently ongoing until July 29, 2018 at 11:59:59 CEST. Get all the details and register to participate on the STRYKZ website and help build the future of fantasy sports!

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We utilize blockchain technology to create a compelling…


We utilize blockchain technology to create a compelling user experience with officially licensed digital collectibles from the world of sports.

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Develops and operates the innovative platform Football-Stars, a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile to soccer fans around the globe.


We utilize blockchain technology to create a compelling user experience with officially licensed digital collectibles from the world of sports.