The modern football fan doesn’t just want to watch, he wants to participate

Football is passion. We scream at the television, discuss at the bar, show the referee that we don’t like his decision in the stadium. Football is a sport of engagement. We don’t just consume, we interact with it. That’s why Stryking has developed Football-Stars powered by STRYKZ. The modern football fan doesn’t just want to watch, he wants to participate. He wants to be the manager on his own, pick his line-up and prepare the team for victory.

Now there are a bunch of management simulations out there, but that’s what they do: They simulate. Football-Stars doesn’t simulate virtual games, it is all about the real matches, real data — the real world of football. When FC Liverpool challenged Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Kiev yesterday, we’ve put you into the shoes of the head coach. In Football-Stars you can engage in Challenges based on the real players from the Champions League, Bundesliga and all major European leagues. And when the real match is over, our system calculates how your team and individual players performed based on the real match data — handing over the trophy to the user who made the best decision as manager and coach.

The Manager Mode: Your team, your formation


The Football-Stars experience is not a casual one, it’s made by fans for fans. In the Manager Mode, we give you very detailed options, so let’s start with the formation: 5–4–1, a more classy 4–4–2 or whatever system you choose, that’s how your team plays. We have 10 formations on offer, 5 of them for our premium players. And yes, you can go all-in and even play a very aggressive 3–3–4 for maximum efficiency of your offensive. You can manage via PC and on your mobile phone, because we want you to have full control all the time every time and yes — you should take your time for your decisions. Every position needs to be filled with a player and you have to award one of them with the captains badge. His points will count double, no matter if he plays well and it get’s you a lot of points. Or bad and his value and stats drop.

The substitutes’ bench

Think about German football for a second, especially the German National team that will now fight to defend their throne in the World Soccer Cup in Russia. With Germany, it’s all about substitutes. 2014 Mario Götze came in very late, scored the one goal and Germany took home the World Cup trophy. Substitutes are the jokers of football. A smart general doesn’t put all of his troops on the battlefield and a smart coach also operates with a reserve. Why? Take Arjen Robben from FC Bayern München. He is sprinting a lot, always searches for these one-on-one duels. He is the one that opens up the offensive, has the ideas, is the creative engine of one of the best football clubs in the world. But he can’t always do that for 90 minutes so the coach needs a substitute. In Football-Stars powered by STRKYZ it’s vital to have a strong bench to offset injuries or players that might not be in the starting eleven and there is a threat looming that they could miss the next game.

Become part of the VIP experience with STRYKZ

If you want more than just the management experience out of Football-Stars, we’ve created the VIP experience for you. Doesn’t matter if Allianz Arena, Estadio Santiago Bernabéu or Camp Nou. A world-class stadium needs a world-class VIP experience, and of course, we deliver this grandeur with our VIP-Club. Take part in the intial token sale, and we will gain you access to the ultimate soccer experience. We are talking about merchandise, that money can’t buy. Expect major announcements and partnerships with some of the biggest clubs in the next months. Welcome to the most exclusive experience in the digital football world.

Use your chance now and become part of STRYKZ like our Ambassador Luís Figo: „With the upcoming Token Sale Event, Stryking will scale tremendously, and I am excited to be part of this journey.”

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