Audience Development

My first child was born a few weeks ago. She is delightful and I have really enjoyed spending time with her in her first few weeks in the world.

I was fortunate enough to get a couple of weeks off of work, and while most of it was spent on family time I also worked on a little side project. I wanted to do something that I could finish in just a couple of days, because I didn’t start it until the later in the second week of my leave so I created something really simple.

I have been training with a friend who is planning to tryout for several USL teams this winter, and we were talking about what tryouts are available and there isn’t a good source of information for players who want to tryout and take their soccer careers seriously. So I decided to create a simple list of upcoming tryouts and have a mailing list where people can get updated when a new tryout is added.

I spent a few days building the application and collecting initial data to populate the list and launched it. Here’s a link if you want to check it out and what it looks like basically:

The idea for this project is to provide a simple service to people who are interested in professional and high-level amateur soccer in the US so they can find information and get involved a little bit easier. My goal for the project is to build a small audience of people who are interested in this niche and if it gains enough of a following maybe build in some nicer features and maybe gain some revenue from it or just use it to market related products. But step 1 is just to create some value for a well defined group and start building an audience

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