I’ve started bringing in some soccer related revenue. It feels great. I’m coaching a local U12 boys team which is really fun and rewarding and the money is just a nice perk. A small perk of $272/mth. So here is what my revenue chart looks like for the fall.

Making a little, but the hourly rate is truly egregious.

So now I’ve had a taste of coaching, running practices, directing games and just leading a team of young boys. It’s elating. I love being out on the field in good weather and bad. I love teaching the boys new techniques or tactics and seeing them put the lessons in to practice on the field. It’s really rewarding to see the team improve, score goals, win games and to see the guys excited to come to training.

Now that I’m coaching regularly, and enjoying it, I want to spend more of my time coaching and to earn a larger percentage of my income via coaching.

I’m taking steps toward this goal by pursuing USSF Coaching Licenses and applying for coaching positions, both full and part time, primarily at the college level, but also some youth teams. I’ve also started reaching out to coaches in my personal network and just sending emails to local college coaches. I’d like to find an assistant college coaching job because I believe I will enjoy working with players who are serious about the game and it would be a good learning opportunity for me to work as an assistant. But if I can’t find a good assistant job I’m also open to a head coach position at lower levels and I’m applying for a few youth positions locally.

Any coaching job for which I’m qualified will come with a significant decrease in income from my full-time software development job so I plan to try to supplement coaching income with soccer-software income and potentially freelance development income as necessary. My family will also be in for a lifestyle adjustment and that’s ok with us. Follow this blog to hear more about that transition.

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