Student Dream awarded Techstars Foundation Grant!

I’m thrilled and so thankful to share that Student Dream is a new grantee of the Techstars Foundation! Read the full announcement here. This new partnership will support Student Dream programs that train collegiate students of color around the country to start companies.

This is quite a serendipitous moment for me! I first got the idea for Student Dream after hearing Techstars co-founder Brad Feld speak in 2013. His short talk sparked a gritty journey of learning about startup communities and seeing first hand that entrepreneurship opens doors for anyone persistent enough to keep knocking. The Techstars Foundation intentionally opens doors for underserved entrepreneurs and I’m excited to see this expand to the next generation of leaders.

Hundreds of aspiring Black, Hispanic, and Native American students will benefit from the Foundations financial and mentorship support. Student Dream believes that entrepreneurship is the key to creating wealth in communities of color and can now scale our impact thanks to our Advocate of the Year: Techstars.

A toast to that,



About the Techstars Foundation

The mission of the Techstars Foundation is to provide grants and resources to organizations making a scalable impact in diversity in tech entrepreneurship. This group of grantees encompasses a wide spectrum of underserved entrepreneurs, including female and minority entrepreneurs from underserved backgrounds, students of color and immigrant founders.

About Student Dream

Student Dream trains collegiate students of color to start companies. Driven by a vision to create wealth in communities of color, Student Dream runs semester long programs and a membership platform that connects aspiring Black, Hispanic, and Native American student entrepreneurs to training, mentorship, and industry opportunities needed to succeed.