Carolyn Zhang / hackMIT 

What’s it like to attend hackMIT?

An answer in photos

Tom from Rap Genius MC’s the opening event

Was drinking ‘molly water’ while wearing a hat that says ‘Baller Water’

1,000+ students fill MIT’s Kresge Auditorium for API talks

The most saavy hackers are using this time to get ahead & start building.

Mass exodus to get to the ice rink where the hackathon takes place

Mtn Dew: the official drink of all-night hackathons

The room fills, laptops open: and the internet begins to grind to a halt... But the organizers get MIT admins to crank up the juice.

Internet is necessary:

You can find opportunities to win $100K in the bathroom

Two bathrooms for 1,000 students = lots of impressions

BYOS: Bring Your Own Server

Mind: blown

1A.M. Delivery: 1,500 cookies & milk to boost hacker morale.

#insomniacookies #generalcatalyst #nomnomnom

Air mattresses for naps. Also serves as an infirmary for ‘all-nighter syndrome’ (a chronic conditions during hackathon season).

Who knew milk & cookies meant bed time.

Hundreds of hackers powering through the night. Demos are due 9a.

Less people → faster internet → baller hacks

MIT fosters a unique breed of athlete

Team work, perseverance, endurance, ability to face defeat, focus, determination.

And so it comes full circle: hackMIT ends back in Kresge auditorium, where Rap Genius Tom introduces the top winners to demo (you can find the hacks here on ChallengePost)

Congrats to the teams that made it on stage!

In sum: hackMIT is a hackathon of epic proportions, bringing together amazing students from across the country to build cool stuff with their friends, meet new people, learn new software techniques, and have fun (with Rap Genius Tom + cookies & milk).

Huge congrats to the organizing team from MIT, they put an insane amount of hours and work into executing a great event.

Get ready for next year’s…

(quora thread) (hackMIT site) (BostInno post) (Rap Genius Tom)

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