Showing at GFW 2017

UoN students showcasing their collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2017 have been carefully selected by a panel of experts and here they are in running order for the day:

Gemma, Essex. BA Fashion

Gemma has used wool, cotton, neoprene and jersey to create her collection. She drew her inspiration from the Greek mathematician Euclid.

Leah, Maidenhead. BA Fashion

Leah’s collection has an urban theme running through it with a heavy influence of grime music. She focused on items that are often banned in public places such as hoodies. This leather muzzle was inspired by the kind you would see on pit bull dogs.

Halima, Northampton. BA Fashion

Halima used her Bangladeshi roots as her inspiration, and in particular the early 1970’s Bangladesh Liberation War. She used the colours of the flag and created a distressed military style collection.

Venuka, Sri Lanka. BA Fashion

He was inspired by the dance culture in his home country, Sri Lanka. Venuka adapted the traditional costume with pleating and layering by using soft denim, cotton and shades of blue.

Elena, Bulgaria. BA Fashion

Elena’s theme is integrity within different cultures, emphasising her Bulgarian heritage. Creating tailored silhouettes from heavy materials such as wool she has been able to focus on buildings and architecture as a structural inspiration.

Lauren, Northampton. BA Fashion

This military inspired collection uses parachute nylon throughout. Lauren drew her inspiration from her Dad being in the military and brings her concept to life with draping.

Louise, East London. BA Fashion (Textiles for Fashion)

Social media and its negative aspects was the main inspiration for Louise. Her glitchy, bold prints have allowed for an urban look.

Saumya, Northampton. BA Fashion (Textiles for Fashion)

Saumya used coffee instead of print dyes to create a collection filled with fabric manipulation. Inspired by the restrictions on her life, she has teared, ripped and frayed materials to create some stand out pieces.

Loren, Bedfordshire. BA Footwear and Accessories

Colony Collapse Disorder was the inspiration behind Loren’s footwear and accessories collection. A bees way of life, looking at crystallised honey under the microscope and hexagonal honeycomb gave Loren her print. She created her own leather, and also used up-cycled material and organic cotton for this collection.

Sharon, Italy. BA Fashion

Sharon based her collection around her own and other people’s experiences of being labelled or oppressed by the majority race within a community. By using engraving and prints she portrays the emotions of how a victim of racism feels.

Stephanie, Milton Keynes. BA Fashion

An Exhibition by Chinese contemporary artist and activist, AiWeiWei, who had spent time in prison inspired Stephanie to create her collection. Using box shapes to reflect imprisonment, she has made her outfits from jersey, canvas and leather.

Mollie, Northampton. BA Fashion

Mollie has used deconstruction as her main theme, by breaking down garments and piecing them together for an overall outfit. Layering of different materials such as silk, triple organza and cotton help to bring the deconstruction theme to life.

Aleksandra, Poland. BA Fashion (Textiles for Fashion)

Polish traditions and culture shine throughout Aleksandra’s collection. Colourful print, silks and embroidery feature heavily throughout, with the folk culture inspiration bringing it all together.

Courtney, Hertfordshire. BA Fashion

Courtney communicates the weight of mental health issues by creating items such as the coat pictured above. This particular garment took 6 duvets to make, and features ties to represent depression tying people down.

Bethany, Nuneaton. BA Fashion

Inspired by an article about the Afghan women’s cycle team in National Geographic, Bethany’s collection is targeted toward the athletic consumer. She received sponsorship from fashion company, Condura for this collection.

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