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The Student & Teaching Engagement through Partnerships (STEP) publication presents a range of reflections, experiences and practice from student-staff partnerships at The University of Manchester. The publication is updated regularly and welcomes contributions from anyone at the University working on any student-staff partnership projects or initiatives.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a rich snapshot of your student-staff partnership experience in any format that suits you. For example:

Descriptive paragraph, case study, doodle or sketch, reflective piece, short video clip, list of words or poem of how you felt doing partnership work.

Or, we can arrange short video/audio interviews with you to discuss your partnership experiences.

How to contribute

Create a Medium account

Getting started with Medium is easy:

  • Go to
  • Click Get started and sign up with either Google, Facebook or email
  • Pick at least 3 topics that you are interested in, and click Start reading

And that’s it you’re in. If you’re not happy with your username, then you can change it here. This is useful if you want to write under a pseudonym.

Create your first story


Publish your story

Publish your story publicly with your choice of licence and tags. Ensure you do not tick the box agreeing to submit your story to Medium’s metered paywall.

Add your story to the publication

If you are submitting your story to our publication for the first time, please email with your Medium @ name (e.g. @janedoe34) so that we can add you as a writer to the publication.

Once you have published your story, please submit it to STEP via the “Add to Publication” option in the dropdown menu marked by three dots.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

The Editors




Exploring how student partnership practice can be embedded in higher education

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