Albert Einstein Once Said Everybody’s a genius


There’s a lot to learn from children. Their curiosity is something that grown-ups can only dream of. Their eyes light up every time they get a chance to learn something or do something they’ve never done before. How could we improve one-sided lectures and actually learn more by doing?

Technology is changing the way we think, focus and learn. Still, the schools are using teaching methods from the era before advanced technology.

To shake up the old ways of education we created an education concept called EduCycle. It is an interactive, holographic simulation where children can alter the virtual landscape. It’s a modular learning kit built mainly out of renewable materials; we are using Neste bioplastic that is not only environmentally friendly but actually binds CO2 emissions to itself, cleaning the air we breathe.

The first lesson of EduCycle will visualize the carbon cycle: Removing cars from the landscape or replacing coal power plants with wind power shows a positive change in the cycle. EduCycle takes simple environmental lessons and makes them into unforgettable experiences with futuristic hologram technology. The simulation is also enhanced with an augmented reality (AR) solution to create an even more immersive learning experience.

EduCycle is the first step towards the future of education.

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