How big is the education market in the US? Report from White House

Here’s a nice breakdown from the

This was cited by the white house report

The education market is estimated to be about $1.3 trillion dollars, and usually broken down into 4 major sectors:

  • Early childhood educaion: ~$70 bllion
  • K-12: ~$670 billion
  • Higher eduation: ~$475 billion
  • Adult learning, continued education: $55 billion

Each of these, in turn, breaks down to some of the sectors you mentioned:

  • Tutoring/test-prep: ~$1 billion, including higher and adult ed may put it around $5 billion.
  • Online Post Secondary: $20 billion
  • Textbooks: $7–8 billion

Some general stats:

  • Almost 9% of US GDP is spent on education, it’s the second largest market, behind healthcare, in the United States
  • There are about 100,000 public schools, 30,000 private schools, and roughly 4,000 charter or other schools in the K-12 space in the U.S.