Ivy League Backs Down: Best Universities that aren’t in America

Picking a university is a highly important thing to do. Your correct (or, as a matter of fact, incorrect) choice influence your future career and personal life. Universities shouldn’t only give you necessary knowledge that you’ll be able to use in your future career. They also develop your abstract thinking which helps you a lot solve difficulties you’ll be facing in the future. You meet right people there and make useful connections. The biggest part of your future success in life depends on the college choice. That’s why everybody’s so concerned while choosing a university. There are several universities in the world that are considered to be the best ones, as far as they have prominent alumni, famous professors and a long-term history. Most of these universities belong to the American Ivy League and have the largest number of applicants every year. However, as the recent studies show, despite all the facts mentioned above, the universities of Ivy League loose in one important factor: students’ satisfaction rate. The survey conducted recently has shown that students satisfied with their universities the most go to colleges that are far from the Ivy League. As for Ivy League universities, students there admit that their universities haven’t met their expectations. Let’s take a look at universities that are Alma Mater for the happiest students in the world. Surprisingly, these universities are situated far from the USA and England that are considered to be two countries with the best colleges.

University College Cork, Ireland

Times Higher Education awarded Cork 351 place in the rate of the world’s best universities. However, the students’ surveys show that 17000 students who are studying at this university are one of the most satisfied in the world. Such high satisfaction rate doesn’t only depend on the marvellous views the university suggests. The reason for this is that this colleague combines the highest quality of studying with the students’ facilities that are supposed to make studying there fun and effective. Also, as the experience shows, students have much better chances for employment in Ireland after they graduate from this college.

Wroclaw University of Technology

It was designed in the way that everyone passing by its buildings could say something like “Oh wow, it’s impressive, indeed”. We got used to seeing ancient universities with a long captivating history and impressive buildings. This university can boast being quite old (was founded in 1910) and yet look very modern and high-tech. The students’ satisfaction rate is about 78% which is one of the highest indexes in Europe. Despite looking so contemporary, the university has preserved its history in the impressive logo that is impressively combined with the inspiring look of its buildings.

Chernivtsi National University

Situated in Ukraine, the university looks more like Hogwarts or some ancient palace than a place to study (though, it really used to be a palace). Except for looking so impressive, the university can boast for attracting a lot of prominent lecturers from the whole world, as well as international students who feel more than welcomed in the city of Chernivtsi. The university doesn’t charge a lot that’s why is a perfect way for those who want to save on their education and yet get the one of the highest quality.

University of Calcutta

One of the oldest and biggest universities in India, University of Calcutta offers probably the best education in India. It’s called a five-star university and the students who study there admit that the education provided there meets the highest requirements they settle. The university is an Alma Mater for four Nobel Prize winners which actually proves the knowledge received there is a unique experience.

University of Oslo

It was proven a long time ago that the happiest people live in Scandinavian countries. No wonder that the happiest students also study there. University of Oslo, situated in Norway, belong to the best universities with the highest quality of education. It can be explained by the best high tech equipment this university has. That’s why it keeps attracting students from all over the world. However, entering University of Oslo is very difficult not only because of lots of applications but because of requirements their future students have to meet.