Motorbike Rental Yogyakarta (Semojo App) | UX Case Study

Semojo is an application that makes it easy for travelers who go to Yogyakarta to rent a motorbike, so they can book ahead of time and don’t have to queue and don’t even need to go to a rental place.

The Problem

A few months ago I went to Yogyakarta by train. when he arrived in Yogyakarta I intended to rent a motorbike but it was very difficult to find it for various reasons, ranging from motorbikes not being available, not knowing where to rent a motorbike, quite difficult requirements

Semojo aims to make your road trip easier, especially in Yogyakarta, so you don’t have to wait for a bus or public transportation for a long time or spend a lot of money on taxis, users should not be bound by time schedules.

For example: If a group is planning a road trip or excursion or just driving with friends. In the current scenario, they have to wait for the bus, with which they have to go to the city rent a vehicle there because the rental department is in the city center, then they have to choose a vehicle, go back to college, choose their friends and then continue planning their trip. This is a very laborious, troublesome, and complicated process. It drains time, energy, and resources. That’s where Sewojo plays a role.

Users & Audience

The user & audience in this project are immigrants in Yogyakarta.

Roles & Responsibilities

It is a personal project, I did all processes (end-to-end) of UX design, UI design, and create a simple illustration to enhance the user experience.

Scope & Constraints

I designed the entry and registration flow, the booking flow, and the Yogyakarta rental booking flow


I use the framework to generate the appropriate product. I use design thinking that consists of empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and testing

Make a Research Plan

I made a research plan to ensure the project is running correctly, and make it easier to determine the next steps.

Research Questions

Interview questions focus on getting deeper information and digging up information in accordance with the research objectives.

  1. Apa saja yang perlu kamu siapkan ketika berlibur?
  2. Bagaimana kamu mengatur keuanganmu untuk berlibur?
  3. Expektasi ketika pergi ke Yogyakarta?
  4. Kenapa memilih transportasi Sewa Motor?
  5. Pernahkan mencoba transportasi lain ketika sudah sampai di Yogyakarta?
  6. Darimana kamu bisa tau bahwa di Yogyakarta tersedia penyewaan motor?
  7. Apa yang biasanya kamu lakukan ketika Penyewaan motor penuh?
  8. Masalah seperti apa yang biasa kamu hadapi ketika mencari penyewaan motor?
  9. Ceritakan bagaimana kam bisa mendapatkan penyewaan motor di Yogyakarta
  10. Apa expektasimu dengan masalah yang kamu alami ketika berlibur ke Yogyakarta.

Identify the User

To identify users more deeply, I conducted interviews according to the research plan that had been made. I conducted interviews with 5 participants. Participants are travelers who have been to Yogyakarta and rented motorbikes. After conducting interviews, I summarized them into user personas to find out more about users.

User Persona

Define the User Needs

To find out user needs, I identify the results of interviews and use several tools to find out what the problem really is, find out the user’s journey when traveling to Yogyakarta and going to rent a motorbike.
Affinity diagram to find the pain point, After knowing the pain point, I can make a solution plan to deal with the pain point.

Affinity diagram

In the affinity diagram, there are many insights, including technical problems that cannot be solved with the product, I only make solutions that can be solved with the product.

The customer journey map depicts a visualization of the steps users takes to achieve their goals.
Purpose :

  1. Demonstrating how users interact with current products, websites, or services
  2. Demonstrating possible ways in which users might interact with a product, website, or service in the future
customer journey map

From the Customer Journey Map can also be found an opportunity to develop products and also determine the features that will be made. This opportunity is also a solution to the problems that users find.

Design Process ( Ideate )

I created an Experience Map to describe the journey a user must complete booking a motorbike rental. This flow is based on a customer journey map that has been created.

After knowing the flow that the user has to complete by creating an experience map, then I make a design solution with the same flow as the experience map.

I decided to make a wireframe sketch on paper and wireframe


The Design


Registration is quite easy with a mobile phone number, this will also be used for the verification process using an OTP code to make it more secure.

Main Services On Navbar
Semojo has 4 main services, namely selling Home, Orders, chat, and accounts.
Semojo’s home page immediately recommends motorbike rentals that are close to the location set on the start page.

The location search page
on this page is quite simple, because the user only looks for the location of the pick-up and return of the motorbike as well as the duration of the motorbike rental to be rented.

Payment for motorbike rental
on the payment page may provide several payment options, such as cash, transfer, and e-wallet to make it easier for users when processing payments.

Stage 4- Prototype

I made a prototype using figma because it was easy and didn’t require any other tools.

Stage 5- Test

Usability Testing (UT)

Usability testing aims to evaluate a solution for a product by testing representative users in order to solve problems effectively.”

— Dibimbing Class —

I did testing using maze. design to 5 participants, the number refers to the Nn group.

Thank you for visiting, I hope the series of processes that I wrote above can be reference material for anyone who reads it. Don’t forget to leave a comment so we can discuss and develop better, “Claps” if you like it.



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