Phase 2: Week 4 — Web Research & Global Citizens Interviews

In this stage, our research is cruising through the steps. Based on the insights obtained from the first interview, we conducted the second interview and research on Santa Clara.

02/21: Sunday

Our third week of the project began by sharing weekly rose, bud, and thorn:

🌹 Rose:

  • Interviews with educational experts went well
  • We gathered insights and learn about new types of educational environments.
  • We are getting the strands and direction of research.

🌱 Bud:

  • Research about the Santa Clara district
  • Prepare the interview with Laurie Stapleton (principal of New Valley High School) and the students.

🌵 Thorn:

  • There was a shifting of meeting times and confusion because of the confluence.
  • The fact that we haven't interviewed students made us worried.

Congregate interview insights and breakdown

In order to grasp more accurately and quickly than looking at the text, we organized the interviews into six categories (values & priorities, tools & technology, problem & pain points, things that work well, hacks & workarounds, position of our project) on the board by classifying interviewees by the color of post-its.

And we grouped similar answers and added titles to see which content occupies a lot of scope in the interviews.

According to the reorganization of the answers, it was surprising that family plays an important role in students learning. There were interesting findings. We found out that education has to break away from the existing traditional methods, the development of technology has advantages and disadvantages, and it is important for students to be exposed to various environments.

In class, we could receive feedback and research sources from Peter and Stefania. He stressed that students were not trained but learned, how to explicitly prepare people. He also pointed out the global citizen as a person who welcomes outsiders.

2/23: Start interviewing people who experienced different cultures in their teen ages.

During our research, someone raised the question of whether it was only good to be exposed to various cultures at a young age. Therefore, we wanted to hear the stories of people who were exposed to various cultures in their teen ages.

We decided to interview our team member’s siblings because their family members had a unique experience. One was born in the United States but lives in Korea, and the other has been living in the United States for 15 years even though he was born in Korea. We have written the following questionnaire to indirectly understand their cultural experiences and how they rate their past days and diverse cultural experiences.

Through their interviews, we have learned a lot. Especially, assuming that the future we do not know yet is a different culture and environment, the ability of students to quickly adapt and cope with the unknown culture is the most necessary. What resonated with us the most is that students must continue to strive to be exposed to and try to understand different cultures in order to develop such adaptability.

2/24–26: CollabU activity & joint meeting with team Zoomer.

In this week, we did a ConflictU assuming a conflict situation and worked on how to resolve it. Since there was no situation that we did not agree with, we assumed that we could not narrow down the opinions on the research method, and conducted a workshop to resolve the gaps in thought.

After the workshop, we shared the progress and gave feedback with the team Zoomer working in the same Santa Clara district like ours. We created a questionnaire on a drive file to discuss interviews with Laurie Stapleton, the principal of New Valley (Continuation) High School at Santa Clara USD, and their students.




Ongoing process documentation for Grad Design Studio, Spring 2021

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