Phase 3: Week 8 — Generative research & Workshop

03/21 Sunday


  • Learning new things and using them into making a storyboard.
  • We are going in some direction by developing 5 concepts.
  • Making storyboards and personas.


  • Having many workshops.
  • Research experience could be helpful as a designer and researcher.
  • It is interesting to have a variety of activities and experiences, and we will see how to synthesize the results.


  • We had not enough time working because of a lightning talk.
  • More into other stuff.
  • The generative research session ends this week but not sure of our pace, where we are supposed to be.

03/22 Monday

CLA frame Workshop

Before getting into the workshop, we were introduced by the experiential futures ladder explaining how to make an abstract and broad topic more concrete and specific.

We began week 8 of the Graduate Design Studio session with the CLA framework. We learned about Causal-layer-analysis, CLA framework. It is a technique used in future planning and speculation studies based on the methods of surfistemology, analysis, and reforming of worldviews and social structures. The instructor, Adam Cowart, presented a perspective on this method and we analyzed the CLA (Litany, System, World View, Mythology and Metapo) layers.

I will update this part on Wednesday 4/7/2021. Still struggling with this part…

While half of us looked at the current trends of Santa Clara district, we …

  • Explanation
  • Explanation

During the workshop, we learned the method did~~

03/24 Wednesday

Preparing futuring workshop

As the next step, we prepared for the two stakeholders, high school students and parents with children who are in or going to experience K-12 education. Given that students themselves and their primary influence on them begins in the family, we have set the stage to understand what students think about the future and what parents think about the future of students.

Creating a toolkit for the workshop, we as a facilitator and director of this workshop wanted to help participants think of topics and categories to come up with their hope and needs for the future. We made various buckets of images and toolkits to initiate their thoughts with visual assets. We also wanted to encourage participants to go beyond these tools and elaborate their ideas for the future. Therefore we allowed them to write down or speak out what they are thinking.

We have created design cards to deliver and understand our ideas and storyboards briefly. We honed four ideas of using two VRs and two ideas linking students' career paths to the students’ extra-curriculum experience.


Talking with Stacey

We had an interview Stacey Williams, Assoc Dir Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons in the University of San Diego, as she had experiences and able to provide us the artifacts that illustrate some of the projects that we are working on.

During the interview, she explained how much students’ internal conditions and thoughts affect their behavior and how they behave when they encounter a new environment.

  • “Who am i” question is really healthy — happens in emerging adulthood. Reframe that it is less of a problem and more of opening the door to get to global citizenship.

She also said that when people encounter cultural differences, they can be divided into 3 different types and the goal is integration.

  • host favored (over romanticize other place)
  • home favored (I just can’t wait to get back to my home)
  • disintegrated (people compartmentalize and don’t make connections)

Especially for SC, she suggested us to address resource distribution. She encouraged us to focus on SC characteristics and regional and anthropological research and research.

  • Students have empathy for mass disruption in their neighborhoods
  • Maybe models for decision-makers to address those deep issues

Next Steps

The aim of this workshop was to understand how the stakeholders perceive the present and what expectations and concerns they have about the future. We will conduct the workshop three times, and the subjects of the workshop will be the parents of prospective students, education experts, and current high school students themselves.



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