Week 10 Generative Research and Synthesize

🌹 Rose:

  • Narrow down to extract ideas
  • Enjoyed the workshop a lot
  • Doing a workshop. Especially hearing from old colleagues

🌱 Bud:

  • Generating our concepts into 2 ideas
  • How our synthesize would be
  • Interested in synthesized but have concern of breath of research
  • Visual framework — we can make iteration on it to have more concept

🌵 Thorn:

  • Pace of this week was unbalanced.
  • Don’t want to rush to do research
  • Client presentation participation
  • How can we reach out and research high schoolers (worried about IRB).

Synthesizing workshop

Making into a emphathy map

We started our meeting sorting interviews into the bucket. Based on that we are making them into affinity map. We divided into two stakeholders. The interview was divided into two groups, parents and experts with students, and decided to derive the results.

There was a pattern that everyone showed in common. What was interesting about the parent’s interview was that the parents wanted their students to exercise a lot and interact with friends, but at the same time they thought they would be more tech savvy and interested. Parents said they wanted their children to engage in sports and bands, and they wanted to learn how to get along with people and coordinate their opinions. They also wanted their children to be independent and at the same time not cut off interactions with their families. At the same time, I valued the balance in life and wanted my children to live a life that maintains this balance even after they grow up.

The experts’ position was pointing to the problem of a more comprehensive and fundamental access to educational resources. I could see that they were contemplating the social resources and supports that students could access. In particular, the lack of access to social resources or role models within the group was an impressive point for us as well. Students replied that they would like to experience a different experience than their present life in the future. And in the future, I was convinced that I would have different worries and experiences than the present.

We categorized the interviews we got into five broad categories.

  • Students value hands-on experiences to help balance their tech skillset
  • Team-based collaboration promotes interpersonal skills and a growth mindset
  • Students are uncomfortable speaking in a group setting
  • Lack of social capital (mentors, family support, networks) affects access to opportunities
  • Student academic and professional goals are influenced by societal standards and family expectations
  • Students want to carve their own paths but retain their roots

Based on our synthesize, we are trying to develop our storyboards and implement speed dating to our future user.

Updating persona

Preparing speed dating

Feedback from Research Methods for Design

In order to draw out the user reaction effectively, we decided to make a sequence video using images and voices. Among them, we received feedback that it would be nice to convey the storyboard through voice, not images. It was an offer I received because it would take a lot of effort to make a storyboard into a video. We tried to create an audio storyboard, and we judged that it was difficult to attract readers with a sense of inspiration without conveying an image. Therefore, wedecided to create and distribute a storyboard that uses two senses using simple Google slides by combining images and voices.



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