Keep Sailing

“You gotta look at life when life knocks you down and say is this all you got?! The dark? Is this it? …because I lived in the dark. I trained in the dark. I became this person in the dark!”
-Eric Thomas

I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I didn't know what it would take. I just knew an outlet was needed. I also knew that whatever I wrote It would be for me and whoever could get something for it. It would have to be authentic. We get knocked around. We get down. We get apathetic. We get soft. We forget our greatness. This brings me to one of my favorite paintings. Homer Winslow’s Gulf Stream…

“Gulf Stream” Courtesy of

This brotha is up against it in every way. No way to steer through the violent water. Ravenous sharks surround him. There is a waterspout in the distance. His only salvation may be the ship in the distance. It also may be just a return to shackles aboard a slave ship. Yet his face is steadfast. What this painting always brings me back to is when we want to wince at the biting wind against our faces we should remember the tempest we had to face. When our feet are cold and soggy we should remember the waves that tried to engulf us. When our heels are being nipped at we should remember the sharks that waited for us to fall as they could smell our blood. We should remember the struggle of the prisons we escaped. That all. A reminder that we more than survive. We rise. We have come the road less traveled. It’s not one everyone can navigate. That’s why its less traveled. Keep sailing…


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