Re-visit #AmeriCAN

From race to immigration and terrorism, it seems the nation is at a boiling point again when it comes to what it really means to be American in America. In this technological age we live in where we can instantly speak to the whole world through social media, perspective, context, and nuance are becoming extinct in order to make our voices heard in our national conversation. Dominating the headlines in this conversation again is the specter of black youth being killed by law enforcement officers. Here is where we let a piece of great art step in to let us consider the implications of profiling, gun violence, and how we communicate with our children all at once.

#AmeriCAN is a short film directed by Nate Parker in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting in 2014. Watch the film below which has a surprising twist to bring it all together. Props to J. Cole for lending the track Be Free to the project.


#AmeriCAN directed by Nate Parker