04/26–05/09 THE MAKING

Two weeks of execution and hands down work.

These two weeks were really critical for us. We had to iron out all minute details and execute them. We thought the best policy to get all things done in time was to divide and conquer.

As a team we have always wanted to be over achievers and attempt to do everything we can. The same happened here. Not only did everyone wanted to fit a two minute concept video in a ten minute presentation but we also wanted to show the various interactions, modes, tools of our system Babl. This meant that we have two types of videos — concept video that told an overall story and interaction video. We broke the interaction videos into smaller consumable chunks.

First week :

During this week, all the videos clips that we needed were shot. We made Eunjung our “learner” and Allison the “host” so that we could you shoot multiple times incase we wanted to. This was a smart idea. None of us had ever used a GoPro or the camera glasses that we ordered so we decided to shoot some trial videos in the first half of the week. This again was a good idea as there was some footage that we could work on to make our interaction videos.

We choose two locations to shoot our video. Our university campus as fit very well with our narrative and the cafe as this was also fit well with our story. Initially we found it really awkward to ask the Barista girl to let us shoot her and the cafe but thankfully she was very cooperative and quite interested in what we were doing.

Shooting videos in this week gave us a head start and we soon realized what angles worked and what didn’t and which camera to use to get the immersive effect that we wanted.

Second Week:

We did a lot of iteration to the concept video. The concept video is taking some shape as well as the interaction videos. We did some illustrations to narrate our story better in the concept video. Nurie, also tried to make a prototype using the HoloLens and unity software. We are looking forward to presenting our work on Wednesday and feel quite prepared to end the project and this semester.

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