About StudioIdeation

StudioIdeation, or Studio Ideation, is a Brand Consultancy and Creative Agency specializing in brand strategy, creative execution and marketing campaign.

Goal-directed Design

We believe “Goal-directed design,” a highly practical method that shifted the focus from what a product can do to what it can do for its users. This research-based, analytical, human-centered framework is where today’s vast marketplace of user-friendly apps, websites, and platforms originated. Understanding users and the problems they need solved is now considered an essential part of product design.


Perhaps StudioIdeation’s strength is the design persona, which represents the goals, motivations, and behaviors of a target user base. Design industry professionals create personas by interviewing and researching real-life users, synthesizing the data collected into archetypes with names and pictures, and mapping out the persona’s needs and goals in detail. Persona-based design empowers people to relate to problems in a human and empathetic way and to create novel and highly effective solutions in service of a design target.

We know what works. When you combine multiple perspectives, analytical rigor, and deep industry knowledge, you can transform insights into sustainable growth.
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