Manifesto: Together, Let’s build the future of work

Steed Monteiro
Nov 2 · 2 min read

Studiolabs is a community of freelancers who develop new methodologies and technologies to help businesses grabbing the opportunities offered by digital technologies: increase their productivity, increase their market share and improve their products.

For this, we use a community approach to create web and mobile applications, it’s an open organization where the work is accessible to all, to allow everyone to live from his passion.
This organization is based on a set of principles that we believe are decisive for enabling companies to access innovation.

The objectives of the Manifesto are:
1. To enable all businesses to access the necessary skills to innovate
2. To create an open organization, where employees have the freedom to choose their work
3. To allow everyone to access work without discrimination
4. value everyone’s work at its true value

Studiolabs is involved in integrating these principles into their organization. We invite everyone to join us if you share our values

Our values

Skill> Resume

Everyone must be able to work regardless of age, color, gender, background, culture. Skills will always take precedence over diplomas or experience.

Empowering > Controlling

Everyone should be free to choose where, when and how they wish to work, according to their needs and ambitions.

Rights > Privileges

The organization guarantees everyone the same rights in a spirit of equity. All persons belonging to the organization are not better than another, all have the same rights and duties.

Trust = Transparency

The trust exists only if an organization is totally transparent. Everyone must be able to understand every part of the organization to participate and improve it.

The commitment of Studiolabs

Studiolabs is committed to supporting this Manifesto in its activities.
In particular, we will:

  • create innovative methodologies to make business innovation more accessible
  • create a community of self-managed freelancers to provide businesses with the skills they need for digital transformation
  • promote open organizations to enable everyone to access and thrive at work through entrepreneurship

Together, let’s build the future of work

People are needed to make work and innovation accessible. Studiolabs invites all those who support the principles of this Manifesto to join us and find new ways to make this vision of the company a reality.


Let’s build the future together.

Steed Monteiro

Written by

CEO @studiolabs


Let’s build the future together.

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